During UCF’s Diversity Week, three Office of Student Involvement staff members shared their experiences they had during their visit in Africa. Each staff member talked about the diverse culture in the different countries of Africa as well as the environment and living conditions the residents lived in. Compassionately, they talked about making new-found friends and why they were there – to help others.

Evelyn Hernandez, Student Outreach Services Graduate Knights graduate student, went on a mission trip with her church to Madagascar and worked with young entrepreneurs and with teenage girls who had been physically and sexually abused.

Sammantha Pendergast, OSI Volunteer UCF Alternative Spring Break 2012 program, went on a mission trip to Malawi worked with Children of the Nations, International.

Tiffany Greenis, assistant director for OSI, went on a mission trip to Uganda and Ethiopia with the Visiting Orphans organization. She visited multiple ministries and orphanages including Return Ministries, My Fathers House, Royal Hope, Canaan Children’s Home, Sangaalo baby orphanage, and the Karamojong tribe in Uganda. In Ethiopia, she worked with Project 61 and Mission Ethiopia in Korah near the “dump” area.

“I can’t wait to go back and spend more time with all of the children, especially my new sponsor child, Tracey,” said Greenis. “Uganda has stolen a piece of my heart that can never be replaced.”