For nearly 80 years, Skål International has served as the preeminent organization for travel and tourism leaders worldwide. Comprised of approximately 20,000 senior-level professionals in 85 nations, Skål International’s vast global network unites all branches of the travel and tourism industry through exclusive seminars and conferences that benefit the professional sector. To help groom future tourism and travel leaders, Skål International has invited six students from the Rosen College of Hospitality Management at the University of Central Florida to participate in its mentoring program, Young Skål.

“Young Skål is a membership category of Skål International specifically for students and young professionals directly related to travel and tourism,” said Dr. Wilfried Iskat, Associate Professor at Rosen College and Skål International member. “By participating in this program, our students will be mentored by senior-level industry professionals, introduced to various businesses, partake in industry events, and network with Skål members from around the world.”

Skål International’s Orlando chapter recently held a dinner meeting at the Rosen College campus to welcome Jed Miciak, Beatriz Alvarez, David Woodstein, Megan Joyce, Nicole Cutrufo and Aaron Rask as its newest members of the Young Skål program. All six Rosen College Students will receive guidance from local Skål members, attend monthly meetings, and participate in local networking events.

“After our students graduate from the Young Skål program, they automatically become active members of Skål’s vast global network,” said Dr. Iskat. “This is an exceptional program to be associated with, and I’m excited to see how our students benefit from it.”

UCF’s Rosen College of Hospitality Management is the only academic institution in the region involved in the Young Skål program. Presently there are only 339 Young Skål members worldwide, including just 36 in the U.S.

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