Students moving into one of UCF’s 10 residential communities soon discover there’s more to preparing their new home for the school year than picking up their room keys and dropping their stuffed boxes on their beds.

This semester’s official move-in days are 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Friday and Saturday, Aug. 21-22. The housing staff will check in residents those days with the help of volunteers and campus partners providing directions and information. The housing staff also will be available the abbreviated hours of 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Sunday for students to move in, but without volunteers assisting students. Some students involved in special programs such as marching band, sorority recruitment and theatre auditions have already taken advantage of early move-in.

Ideally, this year’s incoming students representing all 50 states and 152 countries have already reviewed UCF Housing and Residence Life’s website as they prepare for moving in, such as what to bring, what NOT to bring, and where to park while unloading items.

With all the commotion of the day, it’s easy to overlook some of the details while lugging in clothes, towels, electronic devices and other things from back home. So keep in mind:

Arriving and checking in

New residents and moving helpers should park in designated temporary unloading zones for your specific community that have already been assigned. Parking staffers on site will issue one-hour parking passes for check-in and express unloading. To avoid crowding at check-in, students are encouraged to check in while helpers remain outside. Students should bring their UCF ID card, because room keys will not be issued without proper identification. Staff and volunteers also will review important student information

Parking permits

Resident students who have cars can register vehicles and purchase parking permits through Parking and Transportation Services. The staff recommends waiting to purchase a permit until the move-in weekend because room assignments may change.

Meal plan

This semester’s meal plan begins with lunch Friday. If they haven’t already done so, students can sign up by going to the UCF Dining Services website. Various options are available.

Community Living Guide

Rules, behaviors and expectations that all residents are expected to abide by are in the university’s Community Living Guide. Resident students are encouraged to read the guide because violations can result in sanctions ranging from warnings to housing termination.


Charges for housing can be viewed and paid online at the myUCF portal. Paper bills will not be mailed. If there are any questions or concerns about payment, call the Department of Housing & Residence Life at 407-823-4663 and ask to speak with an accountant.

Renter’s insurance

UCF is not responsible for students’ belongings in the event of damage, fire, hurricanes, etc., per the conditions of the housing agreement, so the university recommends students acquire renter’s insurance. Policies are available at various insurance companies. Some homeowner’s insurance policies cover the belongings of students living on campus, so parents should check out this option with their insurance company.

For students moving in, Christi Hartzler, executive director of Housing & Residence Life, said three important tips to remember are:

  • The busiest move-in times are the first two hours of each official check-in time. 
  • Wheels make move-in much easier. Use wheeled luggage, hand trucks and carts. Put items in stackable containers and or boxes. Close-up/seal the containers. If the containers get knocked over, all the contents will stay in the containers and not be spread around the accident site. (This is the most common move-in “accident.”)
  • It will be hot, bring water; it may rain, bring an umbrella; move-in is stressful, bring your patience; and respect Central Florida lightning.
  • And what are the most common things that students tend to overlook or forget?

    “Trash cans and trash bags. These are not supplied in any residence hall facility,” Hartzler said. “And headphones/earbuds are really good for facilitating positive roommate relationships.”

    Finally, Hartzler suggests checking the myUCF website to make sure there are no pending items to complete before arriving, which could delay moving in.