When navigating campus to get to classes today, keep in mind there are a lot of new faces at the University of Central Florida this semester. Preliminary estimates put 3,754 new freshmen on campus and another 5,173 transfer students, all trying to find their way. In all, early data indicates UCF’s student population will be more than 61,500 this semester, about a 1 percent increase compared to last year.

The Fall Freshman Profile based on preliminary data:

Average SAT score: 1260* (1850)**

Average ACT score: 27.1

Average GPA: 3.9

Number of National Merit Scholars: 69

Burnett Honors College Freshman Profile

Average SAT score: 1400* (2050)**

Average ACT: 31.6

Average GPA: 4.4

* Critical reading and mathematics

**Critical reading, mathematics and writing