UCF alumni Kristofer Porter and Christopher Davison face off with more than 100 individual drawings in their “Tall Tales” exhibit, featured at Fred Torres Collaborations in New York City through Nov. 13.

The result of 12 years of friendship, the exhibit represents a challenge in which Porter and Davison have responded to each other’s work for the past several months.

“Tall Tales” will also premiere the series “Call and Response,” a visual game between the two artists, which takes place on its own website. Each artist has 24 hours after the other artist’s post to respond with a 30-minute drawing.

Porter lives and works in Brooklyn as an art director. This is the first time his work will appear in an exhibit. Davison is a Philadelphia-based artist and has exhibited throughout the United States and Europe. He held his first solo show at Nicelle Beauchene Gallery in New York City in 2009.