FAIRWINDS Credit Union is the new student banking services provider for the University of Central Florida.

FAIRWINDS was selected by UCF for its student-centered products and services, unique perspective of being a local community partner and financial strength. Since 2005, FAIRWINDS has served as the official credit partner for the UCF Alumni Association, and it has naming rights to the FAIRWINDS Alumni Center on campus.

The provider will move into the John T. Washington Center by January in the space previously occupied by SunTrust, UCF’s former student banking partner.

As a credit union, FAIRWNDS’ financial model differs from that of a traditional bank. That means substantially lower fees. And for students, there will be zero monthly fees, regardless of the student’s age.

FAIRWINDS also will be reaching out to students with financial education courses and other resources to teach students about financial responsibility, budgeting and more.

“During the course of the student banking conversations, it quickly became clear that FAIRWINDS was seeking to be more than a business partner to the university,” said Curt Sawyer, UCF’s associate vice president for Administration and Finance. “With so many UCF students staying in Central Florida after graduation, FAIRWINDS truly recognized they would be investing in the very students who are the future leaders of our community.”

As UCF’s banking services provider, FAIRWINDS will offer students, faculty and staff the convenience of linking their UCF ID card to a FAIRWINDS checking account. By linking the two with a unique PIN, purchases can be made on campus and at thousands of retail and ATM locations. In addition, the credit union provides free ATM transactions at Publix and FAIRWINDS branch locations.

Larry Tobin, president and CEO of FAIRWINDS and a UCF alum, welcomes the partnership as an opportunity to continue working with the university and to help students start off on the right track with their financial futures.

“It is an honor to support the students, faculty and staff on their journey toward financial independence, responsibility and ultimately financial freedom,” said Tobin.

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