During the fall semester, the Office of Neighborhood Relations and Safety Education held a meeting with the apartment managers and leasing professions. NR&SE hosts such meetings every fall, spring, and summer terms during which information, updates, and resources are presented and disseminated to the local apartment managers and leasing staff members.

The mission of NR&SE provides relevant unbiased information, services, and programs for students living off-campus and for those seeking to live off- campus. Integral to the mission, is providing housing related resource listings, advocacy for the needs of off-campus students, offering referrals, collaborating, and building partnerships with university departments, off-campus property managers and landlords, local businesses and governmental agencies within neighborhoods. Thirdly, NR&SE office’s role is to inform, educate, and encourage off-campus residents to be alert, aware, and responsible in order to prevent and reduce risks and dangers to themselves and others. The objective is to assist and support efforts and initiatives designed to build, sustain, and promote a culture of care, non-violence, and concern within the neighborhoods and communities, around and near the university, which will enhance the off-campus student’s total living experience.

A. J. Range, assistant vice president and Karen Nguyen, executive administrative assistant NR&SE, planned, organized and facilitated a program agenda for a total of 39 representatives from various apartment communities, including Student Development and Enrollment staff, Orange County Sheriff’s Office deputies, and UCF Police Department officers. Range and Nguyen served 29 apartment managers and leasing agents from the UCF community area with a continental breakfast, a networking opportunity, followed by a warm welcome by Kerry Welch, associate vice president SDES.

Key presentations included: information, precautions, and tips about off-campus living by Captain Steve Garrison (OCSO); safety considerations and pedestrian awareness by Deputy Chief Brett Meade, (UCFPD); instructions and updates by Marci Kucharyson (UCF Office of Integrity and Ethical Development); resources and assistance by Christey Oberbeck (Victim Services); as well as information and support by Angela Newland (UCF Cares).

“This program was an exciting, stimulating, and productive event enjoyed by all in attendance,” said Range. “The atmosphere in the Cape Florida Ballroom was conductive to important interaction, individual networking and group facilitation.”

Nguyen remarked, “Wow, the attendance was outstanding, and the presenters were excellent. This was our best event to date.”

Range commented, “We believe our message of collaboration, partnership and teamwork was emphasized to the extent; apartment managers and leasing agents now realize that the health and safety of our resident students are vital to all concerned.”

The apartment manager meetings form relationships between UCF and the local community as well as invite communication updates, conversation and concerns. To learn more about NR&SE, call 407.823.6505 or visit the office at Ferrell Commons 152-154.