The Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities in conjunction with the UCF Parent and Family Fund hosted the Spring 2014 Creed Art Contest. Students from across campus were encouraged to submit original works of art that represented the UCF Creed values. Students submitted their original artwork and 1 grand-prize winner was selected by the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities. Students who submitted their artwork included their personal artistic reflections. This semester’s winner was Amaris Rosario.

Rosario is a graduate student in Criminal Justice, graduating this spring. She wrote this about her artwork, “This piece is entitled 11AD ASTRA PER ASPERA, which signifies ‘to the stars through difficulties.’ Lady Justice represents my studies in criminal justice at UCF and the UCF emblem is the light of education. In my perspective, education is opportunity to not only grow as individuals, but to contribute to our communities. Being a Knight is to persevere no matter what challenge we may face. Integrity is a part of our creed that represents doing the right thing regardless of who is watching. There is no better feeling than an achievement that is earned through hard work. Pegasus reaches the stars in flight. As students, our education at UCF will allow us to not just fly but soar; excellence through true learning.”

All Creed art submissions are currently on display in at the John C. Hitt Library art wall and will be part of the main floor collection through April 2014.