The spouses and dependents of thousands of University of Central Florida employees will be eligible for partial tuition waivers beginning this fall.

UCF employees currently can waive the cost of six credit hours per semester for certain courses on a space-available basis. Under the new plan approved recently by the UCF Board of Trustees, eligible employees could assign all or part of that benefit to a spouse or child under the age of 26, as long as the family is using no more than six credit hours per semester.

The spouses and dependents would need to be accepted through the standard UCF admissions procedures in order to enroll and receive the benefits.

“This provides a valuable opportunity for {dependents} to further their education,” said Maureen Binder, Associate Vice President and Chief Human Resource Officer. “UCF stands for opportunity, and we are excited about the possibility to extend the tuition waiver benefit to spouses and dependents.”

Like UCF employees already are, dependents using the tuition waiver would be eligible to select classes during the late registration period, but before those courses are open to other state employees.

The new benefit covers faculty, administrative and professional employees, university support personnel and all of those employees on sabbatical, professional development, medical and educational leave.  Faculty and A&P staff covered by UFF bargaining are not eligible for the expansion at this time

The waivers cannot be used in conjunction with others offered by the university, such as those for veterans, and also cannot be used to cover penalties or fees for repeated courses.

There are also some limitations on what classes could be covered. Some specialty courses, like the Executive MBA program, supervised research, dissertations and courses where the cost of a class increases per student, are not eligible for the waivers.