On September 18, UCF’s Sophomore & Second Year Center conducted its 8th consecutive visit and presentation to the collegiate high school students at Eastern Florida State College to potential Accelerated First Time in College students.

This event’s focused on potential FTIC’s who will be entering UCF with 30+ college credit hours completed by means of test credits (AP, IB, CLEP, AICE) and/or Dual Enrollment credits by the start of fall or spring. There were over 160 students and parents in attendance.

Rita Simpson said, “Based on the information provided, our collaboration with the Office of Undergraduate Admissions and the Student Financial Aid Office was a success.” Presenters included: SSYC-Rita Simpson and Joshua Clemmons; SFA-Vilma Ramos; and UA- Christie Hasegawa.

Students and parents who attended this outreach received information concerning UCF admission process, how to secure financial assistance, strategies for a smooth transition, and successful tips from a student perspective.

Based on the survey results, 98 percent of students and parents who attended were very satisfied with the information they received, and 100 percent stated that UCF staff was friendly and approachable. Some positive feedback received was: “Great presentation” and “Can’t wait to be a Knight!”