The UCF Print Shop, which has been located near the base of the campus water tower about 25 years, is expanding and moving off campus.

The new shop will open in mid-August at 532 S. Econ Circle, Suite 100, Oviedo, in the South Park Business Center about 1½ miles north of campus. The shop will maintain an on-campus satellite office at the Business Services office, and finished products will continue to be delivered to campus customers.

In addition to all its current printing services for the campus and community customers, manager John Santiago says the new shop will expand its larger-format printing and promotional products for banners, posters, signage, personalized pens, mugs, awards, caps and other items.

The shop’s print and digital-communications projects will not be affected during the move, he says.

“We want to be able to service our customers wherever they prefer, five minutes from campus, on campus, their offices, whatever works best for them,” Santiago says.

The print shop is moving to make room for expansion of Facilities Planning and Construction.