UCF received the 2015 Commitment to Diversity award from Minority Access, Inc. during the 16th Annual National Role Model Conference in Baltimore, Maryland. The award recognizes high achieving organizations for their commitment to diversity.

“Just as it is raising the bar for academic achievement and partnerships, UCF is committed to advancing a diverse and inclusive culture,” said Karen Morrison, UCF’s chief diversity officer. “The university recognizes that the learning and professional environment that empowers its community members to bring their full selves to their studies and work, is at its best.”

Minority Access, Inc. reviewed actions UCF has been taken to move diversity and inclusion to the forefront of the university’s agenda and how UCF’s diversity initiatives align with the university’s mission.

“The tremendous strides we have made in our efforts to enhance diversity and inclusiveness is what makes UCF a great place to live, learn and work,” said Maribeth Ehasz, UCF’s vice president for Student Development and Enrollment Services. “We firmly believe that students thrive from the diversity of our learning communities and from our commitment to equal opportunity for all.”

Minority Access, Inc. is recognized as one of the premier organizations in identifying populations of diverse racial, social and academic backgrounds for paid internships in the Federal Government and for other government programs. In consonance with Executive Orders issued by U.S. Presidents in support of advancing educational experiences for students and of diversifying the federal workforce, Minority Access has placed students in internships with federal offices located in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area and throughout the United States since its inception in 1995.