The University of Central Florida today received the NCAA’s report regarding violations in the football and men’s basketball programs. UCF generally accepts the committee’s findings, but the university will appeal the NCAA’s decision to impose a one-year postseason ban on the university’s football program.

The NCAA added several sanctions to the significant self-imposed penalties that the university had already proposed. One-year postseason bans for UCF’s football and men’s basketball programs were among those additional sanctions.

UCF has 15 days to give the NCAA official notice of an appeal and then another 45 days to file the written appeal.

“We understand and generally accept the findings and sanctions imposed by the committee, and we are in the process of thoughtfully considering the various elements of the report,” President John C. Hitt said.

“We have decided, however, to appeal the decision by the Committee on Infractions to impose a postseason ban for the 2012 football season. We don’t believe the ‘aggravating factors’ cited from the NCAA bylaws justify this sanction.”

UCF cooperated fully with the NCAA throughout the investigation. The university also has taken immediate and ongoing actions to enhance compliance monitoring of the Athletics program.

“I expect UCF to be the national model for athletics compliance,” Hitt said. “Nothing less is acceptable.”

Among UCF’s substantial self-imposed sanctions that the NCAA accepted:

  • Reductions in financial aid awards for men’s basketball
  • A reduction in recruiting days for football and men’s basketball
  • The vacation of all wins from the 2008-09, 2009-10 and 2010-11 men’s basketball seasons
  • Other sanctions imposed by the NCAA include:

  • A one-time financial penalty of $50,000
  • Additional reductions in financial aid awards for football and men’s basketball
  • A five-year period of probation
  • “Our sanctions serve as a reminder of why we must remain vigilant about playing by the rules,” said Vice President and Director of Athletics Todd Stansbury. “All of us – administrators, coaches, staff members, student-athletes and fans –have a responsibility to work together to set the standard for winning with integrity.”