Inspiring acts of kindness and caring do to not go unnoticed as did not the kindhearted gesture of UCF student Joshua Gicker who presented UCF shuttle driver Maurice Mosby gift cards for his birthday. Mosby drives the shuttle from Gicker’s off-campus apartment community residence, Plaza on University, to the UCF campus.

“Maurice greets everyone who enters the bus,” said Gicker who rides the shuttle daily. “I got on the bus like it was any other day. Maurice was being his normal outgoing self . . . the thought dawned on me, when was his birthday? I originally wanted to get him a Christmas gift but that fell through. It was only moments later, Maurice casually announced over the intercom, ‘My birthday is on Valentine’s Day.’ It was a sign.”

Thirty minutes later, he posted on the Plaza on University’s private Facebook page asking for money to give Mosby for his birthday. Mosby’s friendly personality to greet everyone who enters the shuttle and to converse with students has left an impression. Within a very short time, Gicker got 70-80 comments on his post.

Megan McCarthy assisted by setting up a group account page with Tilt, a website where a group can raise funds quickly. Within four days, Gicker led students to raise $451 worth of gift cards to present to Mosby. Gicker was surprising overwhelmed by the response of students who wanted to contribute. Mosby was humbly surprised when he was presented the gift cards. Gicker tributes his thoughtfulness to his parents, and the way he was raised.

Gicker, a junior studying Cinema Studies, came to UCF in August 2015. His home town is Bradenton, Florida. His goals are to make music videos and eventually get into the motion picture industry.

The UCF Shuttle Driver Birthday Surprise video is available on YouTube at: