laser_2UCF, led by Tom O’Neal and the Office of Research & Commercialization, has been awarded funding from the state of Florida to develop a pilot program for “Economic Gardening” in Florida. Specifically targeting second-stage businesses and entrepreneurs, this program has the potential to foster economic growth throughout the state.

The program will develop a diverse partnership of universities, businesses, and other economic growth partners (including the Florida Photonics Cluster) to assist second-stage entrepreneurs in expanding and growing their companies as a key component to the overall health and future economic growth of high-tech in Florida. In particular, the program will provide unique knowledge and other resources that are typically not available through traditional avenues, including the best and most proven practices to prepare and assist second-stage businesses to successfully expand and add new job opportunities to the citizens of Florida.

For more information, contact Dr. Tom O’Neal: (407) 882-1120.