If you walk into the UCF College of Business Administration (#UCFBusiness) buildings during October, you will see a new path laid down by the Student Ambassadors. Black and gold tape runs throughout the college creating a map designed to broaden student awareness of college resources and create more social media presence for the college.

Students must follow the black and gold map along the floor of Business Administration Building 1 to one of six touchscreen monitors, where they will pick up a card with information about different college and university resources. In addition, each card challenges students to perform an action that incentivizes them to get out of their comfort zone, and learn more about a college resource — such as their career coach, study abroad representative, or student organizations. By posting photos on Twitter and Instagram with hashtags #UCFBusiness and #GTTONE, students will be entered into a contest to receive college prizes, including branded polos and duffel bags. Entries must be received by October 30th at 5:00 p.m. EST.

“We are hoping to reach out to 1,000 business students with this initiative,” said Natalia Scevola, one of the Ambassadors involved in planning the activity. “It’s really exciting that we get to come up with ideas for engaging students, and the college lets us run with them.”

The Ambassadors, some of the college’s most dedicated student leaders, have been tasked this fall with coming up with creative ways to promote student engagement.

“It’s a bit like a scavenger hunt that ends with you having a plan to be different,” said Dean Paul Jarley, Ph.D., in a recent blog post.

Other Ambassador initiative includes the “Ambassadors, Business, Coffee & Donuts” (ABC&D) networking breakfasts, which regularly draw nearly 100 students. Guest speakers at the breakfasts have included student Jesse Wolfe, founder of O’Dang Hummus and recent Shark Tank winner; Ben Hoyer, founding director of Downtown Credo; and Sean Snaith, Ph.D., award-winning UCF economist.