UCF was recognized recently as having one of the best Environmental Health and Safety Departments in the nation.

The national Campus Safety Health and Environmental Management Association selected UCF for its Complete Environmental Health and Safety Program Award, which is among the highest honors a university can obtain for its safety programs.

“The thing I’d like to highlight is the staff,” said Tom Briggs, director of Environmental Health and Safety Department at UCF. “As the Director I get to take the accolades, but the truth is I didn’t actually do much that contributed to this. I might set the direction and provide support, but the EHS staff at UCF have developed and implemented programs that have succeeded beyond our expectations.”

UCF bested 10 other universities for the top honor. Previous winners include Arizona State and Stanford universities.

The department’s mission is promote a culture of safety, health and environmental protection. It does so in collaboration with the university community in order to support education and research.

The department seeks to reduce injuries, accidents and environmental impact. It provides training to ensure UCF is in compliance with all regulations and conducts comprehensive workplace evaluations to keep faculty, staff and students safe.

“The support provided by the university, both in policy development, funding and other resources was critical to what’s been accomplished,” Briggs said.