Many Psychology students visit the Career Services office asking what they can do with their degree. With Psychology being the largest major at UCF, there is a need to showcase the limitless opportunities available to students.

Erin Robinson and Renee Hudson, graduate assistants in the Career Services office, hosted an event entitled “What ELSE Can I Do With My Psychology Degree?” The event had two components:  an employer/faculty panel discussion and a networking event.

During both activities, students learned about the array of employment opportunities available to them and why employers recruit them, how to market their degree, and how professionals and employers with psychology backgrounds got into their fields.

The event was well attended with 70 students present for the panel discussion and 78 attending the networking event.

All of the students indicated that they would recommend both events to other students. One student stated, “What I liked most about this event was to see all of the ‘out of the box’ opportunities with a psychology degree. It really opened my eyes.”

Career Services is an office in the Division of Student Development and Enrollment Services.