That is the question that was addressed at the first-ever Future of Entrepreneurship Education Summit which was hosted recently by the UCF College of Business Administration.

The exclusive invitation-only event attracted over 130 people from government, higher education and not-for-profit organizations, as well as young, successful entrepreneurs.

Organized by the Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour, the purpose of the summit was to discuss how we should educate the next generation of entrepreneurs. Much discussion was based on findings from the Kauffman Panel on Entrepreneurship Curriculum in Higher Education which concluded that a single approach to entrepreneurship education is unrealistic given the wide array of educational models, practices and institutional types.

Attendees addressed ways to improve entrepreneurial literacy in our schools, universities and communities. They also emphasized the importance of identifying and creating best in class education and support initiatives that could be scaled to engage large numbers of current and potential entrepreneurs. Many panelists emphasized the importance of providing experiential learning opportunities that encourage students to create and develop new companies.

Several high-profile entrepreneurs participated in the summit including keynote speakers Jeff Hoffman, the founder of Priceline, and Michael Delazzer, the founder of Redbox. A complete attendee list can be found on the Future of Entrepreneurship Education Summit website.