The University of Central Florida scored well in all areas of a new college-affordability scorecard announced Tuesday by President Obama during his State of the Union Address.

The website created by the U.S. Department of Education shows which college may be a good fit for students as far as affordability, graduation rates and other information.

For example at UCF, it typically costs $12,358 a year for undergraduate, in-state students to attend. According to the College Scorecard, that net cost falls in the “low” range of costs. The net cost includes housing, transportation, books and personal expenses, and grants and scholarships (financial aid that students don’t have to pay back) are subtracted.

The statistics also show that the amount of money students typically borrow is in the “low” range. About half of UCF’s undergraduate students graduate with no debt.

Meanwhile, UCF’s six-year graduation rate listed in the report is 62.7 percent, which is in the “high” range of the scorecard. UCF’s most recent six-year graduation rate is 65.1 percent.

The interactive College Scorecard also can categorize educational institutions based on majors offered, location, enrollment size and other factors. The scorecard is at

UCF regularly earns ratings as one of the nation’s “best value” universities.

The Princeton Review recently picked UCF as one of the top 75 public universities in the country based on academics, cost of attendance, faculty-to-student ratio, graduation rates and estimated debt, and Kiplinger magazine in December ranked UCF 42nd on the list of best college values in the country.