This month, organizers from the UCF Environmental Initiative and UCF Police will be going door-to-door to homes that back up to the campus’ preserved and natural land. They’ll be handing out flyers and magnets with tips on fire prevention and phone numbers for reporting suspicious behavior.

Organizers will talk with neighbors about recreational activities such as walking trails and disc golf at the UCF Arboretum, as well as prohibited activities.

Prohibited activities include:

  • Using ATVs, dirt bikes or any other motorized vehicles.
  • Lighting fires, including small campfires.
  • Dumping any trash, including yard waste.
  • Hunting, fishing and camping.

Anyone who sees these activities or other suspicious behavior is asked to call UCF Police at 407-823-5555.

UCF also is educating the university community and Central Florida residents about fire-wise landscaping, which creates a less flammable space and increases the likelihood that a building would survive a wildfire. UCF recently created a fire-wise landscape display near its Psychology Building. The display is sponsored by the Division of Forestry.

For more information on UCF’s natural lands and tips on wildfire safety, go to