For the third straight year, UCF has been named the national champions in the Glass Ceiling Report Card, a study that analyzes how well major colleges and conferences are doing in providing coaching opportunities for women.

The Glass Ceiling Report Card, issued by Charles L. Kennedy, a senior instructor of political science at Penn State-York, reported on coaching staffs of 114 colleges among 11 Division I-A conferences during the 2006-07 academic sports year. UCF was the lone school in the country to receive an A+ on the report card, finishing atop the nation with a 185.5 rating. In addition, UCF has been the only school to earn A+ grading in each of the three years of the study.

The report card consisted of four categories: the percentage of women who are head coaches of men’s teams, assistant coaches of men’s teams, head coaches of women’s teams and assistant coaches of women’s teams. The total of four categories is the institution’s score. All of the statistics were derived from the Chronicle of Higher Education’s study on “gender equity” in 2008, according to data submitted to the U.S.Department of Education, as required by the Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act of 1994.

The Top Ten: 1. UCF (A+); 2. Miami, Fla. (A); 3. UAB (A); 4. Vanderbilt (A); 5. Cincinnati (A-); 6. Northwestern (A-); 7. Buffalo (A-); 8. Texas (A-); 9. Memphis (A-); 10. Illinois (B+).