Celebrate National Cyber Security Awareness Month: PegaSec Cyber Security Expo, Weekly Webinars and Phishing Derby

PegaSec Cyber Security Expo 
On Friday, Oct. 30, InfoSec will be hosting the annual PegaSec Cyber Security Expo to conclude National Cyber Security Awareness Month. Attend this virtual event to: 

·         Learn how criminals can defeat your multi-factor authentication, and what you can do to stop them. 

·         Hear about the FBI cyber threat landscape and see current and emerging trends. 

·         See the technology that can threaten the encryption currently used to protect your information. 

·         Avoid becoming a fraud victim by learning from an FBI special agent what steps you can take. 

·         Get a behind-the-scenes look into cybersecurity from industry experts. 

Due to security considerations, some sessions will not be recorded — so reserve your space now. To view the full agenda and register for sessions, please visit https://infosec.ucf.edu/pegasec

Weekly Themed Webinars 
Throughout October, InfoSec will be hosting weekly webinars to share information security tips. Each webinar will focus on that week’s theme during NCSAM.  For those who can’t attend at the scheduled time, the webinars will be recorded and made available on the websitehttps://infosec.ucf.edu/ncsam.

Week 1 – If You Connect It, Protect It: Smart home devices, security cameras, and anything else that’s connected to the Internet creates a risk to your privacy and device security.  Learn about steps you can take to reduce your risk from all those Internet-connected devices you may have. 

Week 2 – Securing Devices at Home and Work: How many are reading this from their homes?  The current pandemic has shifted how we work, learn, and shop.  We’ll discuss what can be done to protect your devices and online accounts both in your personal and professional lives. 

Week 3 – Securing Internet-Connected Devices in Healthcare: Having a virtual visit with your doctor is convenient, but also carries risk to your data and privacy.  We’ll talk about what we can do to protect our health information. 

Week 4 – The Future of Connected Devices: As technology evolves, so do the threats. We’ll peer into our crystal balls and try to imagine how future technology will impact our online experiences, and what risks we may need to face.  

Phishing Derby 
As part of National Cyber Security Awareness Month, researchers and the InfoSec team at UCF are conducting a competition where participants test their ability to identify a wide variety of phishing emails. Those who have signed up will receive several simulated phishing emails throughout October.  Successfully spotting and reporting these phishing messages will increase the reward the participants receive. 

During a session at PegaSec on Friday, Oct. 30 the results of the research study will be reviewed. Join the session to learn more about phishing, how you can spot phishing attacks and see if you can guess which messages hooked the most participants.

Reserve your spot in the session now: https://ucf.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJIpdeygqD0pGdKyrKktk5lvfGijz_9RDB-r  

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