Prudential Productivity Award Nominations - Deadline Extended December 31

Hurricane Irma and an early Legislative Session have created an unusual Fall for many of you, and we want to make sure that everyone has ample opportunity to get nominations in for next year’s awards. THE NEW DEADLINE IS DECEMBER 31, 2017. 

It is our hope that this extension will allow for an even greater number of nominations, and will result in the best year of awards yet! 

Information on the Prudential Productivity Award and the Nomination Process:

Each Fall, Florida TaxWatch opens up the nominations window for the Prudential Productivity Awards, and this the deadline is December 31. This program has been recognizing and rewarding innovative, hardworking state employees for 29 years, providing cash and plaque awards to state workers in exciting ceremonies throughout the state. In 2017, UCF had three groups honored with plaque awards.

Whether through an innovative new process that saves taxpayer money, or improving the quality and speed of our interactions with the public, or showing great initiative in tackling a problem to help our constituents, UCF teams has shown a commitment to excellence that would qualify for these great awards. Additional category for this year: Did you or a colleague go above and beyond to help through the storm and post-storm cleanup? This service to the community is recognized by Florida TaxWatch and is eligible for the Prudential Productivity Award. 

Show the taxpayers the quality of our work this past year!

 Here are the basics:

  • You may nominate yourself, a colleague, a team of up to 8, or a whole department/agency for an award.
  • Winners are typically those nominations that show innovation, a clever approach to a problem, significant taxpayer savings, and/or dramatically improve service delivery.
  • Keep in mind, cost saving estimations and FTE reductions will need to be verified by Florida TaxWatch staff, so please be sure that you have documentation where appropriate.
  • Nominators are allowed to upload supporting documents along with the nomination. This can be an official letter from [your supervisor/department head, etc.] affirming the achievement or endorsing the nomination; or cost savings calculations; or even news clippings showing public recognition of the achievement. Anything that might show why your nomination deserves a top award.

Please take a few minutes in the next couple of weeks and visit to download a document that will allow you to prepare your responses to the questions ahead of time.

 *In-unit faculty and contract employees are not eligible.

The nominations window now closes December 31.


Human Resources Learning and Organizational Effectiveness staff are in direct contact with Florida TaxWatch, and should be able to help you with any questions you may have. Please email  with any questions. 

Contact Person:
HR Learning and ORganizational Effectiveness
(407) 823-0440
Posted By:
Rachelle Lehner, HR Learning and Organizational Effectiveness
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