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Aug 21, 2016

Hi. I heard about this new plan for a downtown campus and I was extremely excited, especially when considering it will be coupled with Creative Village. I feel like this campus will do a lot to make Orlando a more urban area with more human connections and less car connections. At the same time, though, I feel like the inclusion of 1,800 parking spaces isn’t going to set the path to an urban environment that this campus could. An urban environment should encourage urban means of transportation, such as Sunrail or the many bikeshare opportunities that are now available in Downtown Orlando. An urban environment should encourage a live/work/play lifestyle, not a drive in and then leave when class is over lifestyle. I hope you will as consider this.

— Jordan J.
Dec 10, 2015

I love the idea! Lets make this happen!

— Justin Schmidt
Sep 22, 2015

You need to make Orlando into a tech hub for Florida. Tech hubs all around the U.S. are pushing there cities to the top of the list.
Add Programs specific for engineers, programmers, entrepreneurs, and etc. Make this an affordable place for tech companies to thrive!
Also include what the centerpoint of this city is based on.
Business and Hospitality.

— alex kemner
Jul 12, 2015

Wow, it’s so exciting to hear about the changes and growth UCF is making!!! So proud of my school!!!

— Dharma Olivi Morgan
Jun 23, 2015

My name is Shainna Ali. I am a UCF knight and current counselor education doctoral candidate. I am enthusiastic as a student and future educator, to learn of UCF’s expansion downtown. I know that this is still in the planning stages, however, I would like to be an advocate in this process. How can I assist from my position as a current student? How can I become involved? How can I learn about potential opportunities in working with UCF Downtown?

— Shainna Ali
Jun 23, 2015

It’s seriously detrimental, in my opinion, for him to have vetoed funding for UCF Downtown. A sizable number of students who live in Orlando and are going to UCF could benefit from a downtown campus immensely, myself included. The current campus is located 20 miles from my home and thus i’ll need to move for it to be reasonable for me to get there; with a downtown campus I could take a single bus, or drive a significantly shorter distance. I am unhappy with that decision.

— John Thompson
Jun 23, 2015

Is necessary and important for the people that works in Downtown. Could you imagine the great advantage when get out from office you can go directly to take your classes. Will be a great opportunity!!! Thanks, UCF!!!

— Maria
Jun 1, 2015

I´m very glad to hear of the new plan for our university to provide a downtown campus! I will be very happy to support the effort in all capacities. I have a Master´s Degree from UCF in Public Administration. I´m fluent in English, Spanish, earned a Masters en Español y Cultura from the University of Salamanca and have worked for many years at EFSC, Brevard County. My areas of expertise are: Private and Public Administration, Commercial Banking and Foreign Languages. I will be very happy to become a part of the new campus of UCF!

— Silvia T. Pulido, MPA, MULCE
May 21, 2015

Having an educational expansion serves the community an exceptional way to appease the growth in education. Because the economy is slowly recovering, this expansion offers the opportunity for all members of society a chance to better themselves with the collaboration of Valencia College and UCF. As student of Valencia College enrolled in DirectConnect to UCF, I appreciate the opportunity to be a part of the transition with a growing market for entrepreneurial opportunities and this project would provide a bigger service for students to be a part of a council, specifically business related, in developing our future student leaders.

— Taylor H.
May 11, 2015

A K-12 school? Residence halls? Social work students…? This is a wild mix that distracts focus from the core programs that belong downtown, and will link with the existing footprint there.
ASU Cronkite j-school, where I visit and sit on a board, is very focused. It sits downtown, amidst news and sports locations that *make sense* and help enhance the college. The modern look of the school and sidewalk-forward feel make it a gem that screams professional, forward-looking and sharp.
Dorms, elementary kids and random other majors in the mix will dilute the impact the Cronkite has in its fabulous locale. The campus will look like all the other expansion campuses that dot the landscape.
New and nice, no doubt, but without that sledgehammer impact the Cronkite school has. BTW, the light rail that passes near Cronkite make it easy for communications students to come and go. It’s a key plus, vs. yet another massive UCF parking deck.
Concerned that some favorites got called in here, and too many chiefs are calling in favors to jostle for position on the downtown list. How can that be fixed?

— N.J. Connolly
May 1, 2015

I can’t quite see the huge benefit to be gained from moving the Nicholson School out of its current building and atmosphere on Campus to Downtown Orlando.

— James Rowland
May 1, 2015

Sunrail expansion line: “UCF main campus – downtown” is now a must!

— Enrique del Barco
Mar 31, 2015

I’m a Valencia educator and firmly believe that this partnership will again be a reflection of what UCF and Valencia can do together. I hope that UCF, too, shares Valencia’s sustainability commitment and that they consider LEED/Green Globes-designations on these new shared facilities. This would be the perfect opportunity to serve as a great role model for what the future of development should be for the rest of downtown Orlando to follow. Let’s green our beautiful city and as our commitment to creating a learning community, be the ones teaching others on how it can be done and how it can be done right.

— Nelson Torres
Mar 12, 2015

While the downtown expansion is an exciting move for UCF, we must be sure to remember the community of families who currently occupy that space. Already, many comments are being made regarding “the crime” downtown, and the fact that it is unsafe; but when I watch the news, I rarely see a story about the area. Yes, there are homeless people; and yes, it is a very low income area; but the individuals who live there are no more dangerous than any others. Many events take place downtown on a regular basis from basketball games, concerts, and now soccer games, and I have not heard any stories about people being attacked on their way to their cars, etc. I’m not against the move, but I do have objections. Especially because this could very well be a move towards gentrification of the downtown area, displacing families who have lived there for decades. Please, consider them with sensitivity.

— Taylor, Class of 2014
Mar 3, 2015

I’m very excited to hear about the UCF Downtown campus. I’m fairly new to Orlando from Nashville where there is a strong presence of over 10 college/university campuses downtown. I feel like it will greatly contribute to downtown economically and make it more lively and attractive to locals and visitors. As far as people who are worried about traffic and parking, compared to the rest of downtown, the campus will be in an area that is rarely frequented because of the area’s current condition. With the addition of the campus, among other new developments like Creative Village, the “crime ridden area” will be no more. The considered “bad areas of downtown Orlando cannot be ignored if the city wishes to grow and I belive the city is doing what’s necessary to begin that growth. All in all, I’m in full support for the new campus and very glad UCF and partners are able to bring a university presence to our small but growing downtown.

— E. Tapley
Feb 20, 2015

Excellent news! I look forward to seeing these possibilities reaching beyond the USA and into where our DODEA schools are located where we teach students with Intellectual Disabilities all over the world. Many leave my High School program at Seoul American High School and do not have this opportunity. Hopefully even satellite campuses based around the world for our soldiers and civilians will also embrace accepting our students with ID. As a graduate of UCF I fully support what you are doing and proud to say I’m a Knight. Should you want me to set up a table at a college fair (which we do have here in Seoul, South Korea for Seoul American High School….I would be glad to be your representative. Let’s make it happen! Thank you Debra Hart, Cate Weir and Dr. Meg Grigal…along with all the rest…you have stars in heaven!

— Tracey Van De Veire, M.Ed.
Jan 27, 2015

One of the beautiful things that the main campus has to offer is diversity. As an example when eating at the student union you see a mix of individuals who will become future engineers, business leaders, teachers and beyond. If programs are moved downtown it should been done in a way that will give the students an opportunity to still experience a college atmosphere. One option may be to have only senior and graduate level courses downtown.

Let the college youth mature a little before sending them to the real world.

— Stacy Little
Jan 25, 2015

This is a huge mistake. Locate a college in an already crime-ridden area? Nice! Parking is already a problem downtown, let’s just add a few thousand students and employees to that mess.

— Jack Fredrickson
Jan 23, 2015

I believe UCF offering a downtown campus would be a smart strategic move. However, as the news has been buzzing, so have conversations about which programs will be relocating and the excitement from the top individuals within the programs and the university. I think it is important to remember why this is a move UCF is wanting to make. There have been several programs vying for the opportunity to go downtown because it seems “exciting”, but it could seriously hinder certain programs. If the downtown campus does not benefit the student (i.e., shorter commute, local opportunities, networking, etc.) programs could see a serious drop in program interest. Additionally, downtown Orlando is not the friendliest of neighborhoods and for graduate programs that are only offered at night poses a serious risk to students walking to their cars at night (especially females). Also, commuting to downtown is not always the friendliest of opportunities as traffic is severe (meaning working students need to leave earlier from their jobs to make up for time in traffic) and the cost of parking could also be a deterrent. Albeit I think this is a great idea for some programs (Business/Finance, Marketing, Hospitality, a Law program?, etc) it could be devastating to others (Journalism, Health Administration/ Informatics, and various sciences such as Psychology). I hope UCF makes wise decisions on who will be moving downtown and remembers to consider the students because without them they wouldn’t exist.

— Alicia
Jan 10, 2015

I love that UCF is building a downtown campus. However, as a alumnus of the journalism program, I think it would be a costly mistake to move UCF’s media-based programs (journalism, radio/television, etc.) downtown.

While there is the benefit of being near several media outlets for internship purposes, the whole idea of news and media is to be as close to where the news is happening. That place is, and will continue to be even after UCF Downtown opens, the main campus. There are football games, the school’s administration is located there, the majority of the campus hangouts are located around there, and the vast majority of the student population will attend that campus.

It makes no sense to take these programs away from the heart of UCF It would put enormous strain on the student-journalists who would have to travel from downtown Orlando to the main campus just to cover a story (I know what commuting to UCF is like; I used to commute from Celebration). It would also essentially sound the death knell for the Central Florida Future, the school’s student-run newspaper which has operated continuously since classes began UCF in 1967.

I hope that the people running this site are able to see this comment because, in my opinion, the decision as to whether to move the media programs downtown could either make or break the Nicholson School of Communication.

— Andrew Sagona, Class of 2014
Jan 10, 2015

Yes !!! I have a daughter with a disability she needs more than just high school. The program would be a life change for her.

— Roseanne alvelo
Dec 23, 2014

Make sure there is a lot of mall like retail around the creative village. Student combined with office and the gimmick of the creative village will be perfect to attract shoppers. Push for a retail core for students and locals and the village will thrive like the winter park village. Most importantly just remember your building a new neighborhood in a metropolis. Make it walkable and living. Help steer the project.

— Ramsey
Dec 18, 2014

Our Downtown must be catapulted by projects like these, These are the types of ambitious endeavors that shape a city for decades to come. Orlando is not world-class because there is no sense of community.

Windermere does their own thing, Lake Nona does their own thing, Winter Park is in their own bubble and so is Downtown and Disney World. UCF IS THE BRIDGE TO SUCCESS. It is the catalyst for future and ongoing development and progress. We must not give up and we must focus on quality of life for students and the community. Always thinking of safety and adding culture and vibrancy that attracts people from all walks of life in the US and abroad.

— Bryan
Dec 17, 2014

Not only would this be a win for UCF, but it would an outstanding achievement for metro Orlando. As the years pass, downtown is becoming less a haven for night-dwellers and more a destination for young professionals. Creative Village is Orlando’s second opportunity to build a downtown for the future, and a UCF downtown campus is a step in that direction.

— Al
Dec 17, 2014

How might members of the community contribute to the realization fo the vision presented?

— Rammy Kuttaineh
Dec 17, 2014

This is truly an incredible endeavor. In today’s competitive job market, practical knowledge and networking opportunities attained through internships are invaluable. Having direct access to the various financial institutions, law firms, and other professional services in the downtown area will undoubtedly give UCF students a distinct advantage in the job market for years to come.

— David T. Ackerman
Dec 15, 2014

As a proud UCF alumnus, I believe this expansion of the university in downtown Orlando is imperative to solidifying UCF’s future as a premier public institution of higher learning. The project deserves the support of the Orlando community and the state of Florida. #ChargeOn

— David Raanan