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Experience UCF Downtown

As COVID-19 has become a global pandemic, a number of UCF events, locations and services have been impacted. View a list of what’s open downtown for Fall 2020. For more information about COVID-19, please visit the UCF Coronavirus website.

UCF Downtown is in the heart of Orlando — the hub for arts, culture, nightlife and business. It’s where you can walk from class to an Orlando City soccer game. Or catch a show at the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts after work. It’s your opportunity to find adventure, where there’s always something new.

The city is your campus, and everything you need is just outside your door.

classroom with people

Designed for Success

Forward-thinking Design

Students studying at UCF Downtown benefit from state-of-the-art classrooms in the new Dr. Phillips Academic Commons building. Built for innovative learning, Dr. Phillips Academic Commons has active learning classrooms, and study and tutor spaces. Students, faculty and staff don’t have to look far for creative inspiration with collaborative study rooms for meeting in teams. UCF Downtown has renovated classrooms, labs, a Maker Space and other specialized technology areas in the Communication and Media Building (formerly the UCF Center for Emerging Media) which already has a motion capture studio and sound stage. UnionWest also provides a unique space for students, from additional study and lounge areas to health and wellness, and advising services.

student playing pool

Student Housing

Live In The Heart Of The City

Downtown Orlando offers a variety of housing options, from high rise apartments to historic single-family homes available for rent. For students seeking the full UCF Downtown campus experience, look no further than UnionWest at Creative Village. This 15-story student housing tower is open to UCF and Valencia College students enrolled at the downtown campus. This unique building has more than 600 beds of student housing on the top levels, with classrooms, UCF’s Recreation and Wellness Center and Valencia College’s Walt Disney School of Culinary Arts and Hospitality on the lower levels. With multiple floorplans, an exclusive 6th-floor residents-only patio, and lounge areas on every floor, students can live and study in the heart of downtown Orlando.

Need help applying to live at UnionWest at Creative Village? Reach our staff by calling 407-235-3620.


UCF is committed to the health and wellness of its students, faculty and staff. The downtown campus offers a variety of health and wellness services and programs, including primary healthcare, mental health counseling, stress reduction, fitness, nutrition and sexual health.

All of these services are located on the second floor of UnionWest at Creative Village.


Primary Healthcare

UCF Student Health Services provides a wide array of primary care services five days a week to meet your healthcare needs.

  • Diagnose, treat and write prescriptions for common illnesses such as strep throat, bladder infections, pink eye and infections of the ears, nose and throat
  • Common vaccinations for flu, HepB, MMR and Tdap
  • TB testing
  • Treat minor wounds, abrasions, joint sprains and skin conditions such as poison ivy, ringworm and acne
  • Provide a wide range of wellness services, including physical exams and smoking cessation
  • Lab tests such as Strep, Mono and urinalysis
  • Monitoring of diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, asthma and other chronic illnesses
  • Prescription refills

Mental Health Counseling

Mental health services at UCF Downtown is provided by UCF Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS).

  • Free, confidential mental health counseling
  • Initial assessment and treatment recommendations
  • Short-Term individual counseling
  • Crisis intervention and management
  • Presentations on mental health and wellness topics
  • Consultations to staff, faculty, students and parents
  • Referrals to community providers other resources


As of Friday, Aug. 21, the Recreation and Wellness Center @ Downtown is open. UCF is taking preventative steps to minimize health and safety risks to our students, faculty, and staff due to the spread of COVID-19. Read more information on reopening plans.

The Recreation and Wellness Center is a comfortable workout space for students, faculty and staff with any fitness goals. The 7,900 square foot facility includes a multipurpose fitness studio, cardio equipment with the latest technology, strength machines, free weights and a state-of-the-art functional space.

Group Exercise Classes: Sign up for daily group exercise classes ranging from yoga to strength and resistance, and cardio-based dance to help you reach your fitness goals.

Fitness Assessments: Learn your baseline fitness level and test cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance, muscular strength and body composition.

Personal Training: Schedule one-on-one sessions with a certified personal trainer to create an individualized fitness program just for you.

Outdoor Programs: Enjoy outdoor trips leaving from the downtown campus to state and regional locations as well as multiple outdoor fitness activities in and around downtown Orlando throughout the semester. Check the downtown calendar of events for upcoming trips.

Faculty and staff can join RWC@Downtown for a fee: 

  • $30/month
  • $100/semester
  • $250/annual

Visit RWC@Downtown or call (407) 235-3830 for more information.

Fall 2020 Rec Center Hours of Operation*

Mon – Fri
Noon – 6 PM
Sat – Sun

*Effective as of Friday, Aug. 21, 2020.

The Downtown Recreation and Wellness Center accepts applications for part-time student employee positions throughout the year. These positions are open to both UCF and Valencia College students.
Begin Employment Application

UCF’s Wellness and Health Promotion Services will continue to operate both virtually and in-person. Wellness coaching appointments are available via phone with staff by calling 407-823-5841.

Stress Reduction

Biofeedback Relaxation Training: 6-session one-on-one training with a counselor that teaches you relaxation techniques to help reduce stress. For the Fall 2020 semester, biofeedback will be offered in-person on Mondays from noon – 5 pm.

Meditation Classes: Learn how to “just be” during our weekly guided meditation.

Sexual Health

HIV Testing and Counseling: Get free and confidential test results in 15-minutes and learn different ways to keep yourself safe. For the Fall 2020 semester, HIV testing and counseling will be offered in-person on Tuesdays from noon – 5 pm.

Condom Availability: Condoms are always free and will be available in multiple locations on-campus including outside of Student Health/Counseling and Psychological Services downtown offices and inside RWC@Downtown.


FreshU Cooking Demonstrations and Classes: Learn how to incorporate fruits and veggies into your diet in a fun and delicious way while staying within your budget.



About Dining

Orlando’s diverse culinary landscape is a haven for foodies. Hundreds of restaurants are located within a short distance of UCF Downtown, but the campus will also include several dining options. For those with a real passion for delicious delights, Valencia College’s Walt Disney World Center for Culinary Arts and Hospitality is based at the campus.

A variety of food options will be opening inside of UnionWest at Creative Village, however not all are currently open. But you can grab a bite from on-campus food trucks, pop-up eateries and nearby restaurants. A Publix grocery store is also located close to campus and is accessible via the free Lymmo bus.

Due to limited traffic on campus for the fall 2020 semester, food trucks may not be available on a daily basis. Please check the weekly schedule: 

Monday, Sept. 21: No food truck

Tuesday, Sept. 22: No food truck

Wednesday, Sept. 23: Sandy’s Dogs

Thursday, Sept. 24: No food truck

Friday, Sept. 25: No food truck

There are several on-campus dining options. Visit the Fall 2020: What’s Open at UCF Downtown page to see what’s open.

Dunkin’, Qdoba Mexican Eats,  Subway and Vera Asian have leased space on the first floor of UnionWest at Creative Village, the mixed-use student housing building.

dunkin donuts

[OPEN AS OF JAN. 17, 2020] Subway’s Fresh Forward restaurant will incorporate new décor including USB charging stations, digital menu boards and a remote order pick-up area.
HOURS: Monday-Friday: 7 a.m. – 1 a.m.
Saturday: 8 a.m. – 1 a.m.
Sunday: 8 a.m. – midnight

[OPEN AS OF OCT. 6, 2019] Dunkin’ will provide a modern atmosphere with new and innovative technologies and design, including mobile ordering.
HOURS: Daily, 7 AM – Midnight

Qdoba Mexican Eats continues its history with UCF and will feature fresh menu choices including made to order burritos, salads, quesadillas and more.

Vera Asian features made to order wok dishes and sushi rolls. The UnionWest at Creative Village location will have a sushi robot, preparing and maintaining rice at perfect temperature and moisture to assist the sushi chef in serving the most delicious rolls. Vera Asian will also have grab and go items for students, faculty and staff on the run, savory breakfast items with Asian flair and vegan options.




Addition Financial Downtown Campus Library

UCF Libraries are open, with both remote and in-person services available. Please visit their website for access to online journals, databases, books, Ask a Librarian and many other online services.

UCF Libraries is part of the UCF Downtown community providing important services to students, faculty and staff. Services provided on the campus will include:

  • Checkout of books, DVDs, and course reserves
  • Access to electronic resources, including databases, electronic books, journals, and videos
  • Printing, copying, and scanning
  • Research assistance via consultations, online chat, phone, text or email
  • Borrowing from other libraries via Interlibrary Loan
  • Library Instruction

Visit the Addition Financial Downtown Campus Library in suite 265, located on the 2nd floor of the Dr. Phillips Academic Commons East Wing. You can also reach library staff by email or by calling 407-235-3720.

Hours of Operation*

Mon – Thurs
9 AM – 7 PM
9 AM – 4 PM
Sat – Sat

*From Sept. 21 – Oct. 8.

Subject Librarians

Subject Librarians are based at the main campus, but travel downtown to meet with faculty and students as needed.

Corinne Bishop
School of Public Administration,
Doctoral Program in Public Affairs
Richard Harrison
Department of Communication
Athena Hoeppner
Department of Games and Interactive Media
Rich Gause
Department of Legal Studies
Department of Health Management and Informatics
tech lending

IT & Tech Lending

IT & Tech Lending

Downtown students have IT support and tech lending available on the 2nd floor East Wing of Dr. Phillips Academic Commons. Here, students can get help troubleshooting issues with their computers and borrow technology like cameras, MacBooks, laptops, cables and more! Not on campus? Email or call 407-823-5117 for assistance.


Students must have their ID to check out a device.

Fall 2020 Lending Hours*

Mon – Thu
8 AM – 7 PM
8 AM – 4 PM
Sat – Sun

*As of Aug. 24, 2020.


Downtown students have access to both free and paid printing options on campus. Students may print for free on the 2nd floor of UnionWest with their UCF or Valencia card using Use your NID or Downtown Atlas ID to log in.

Paid printing stations are available in the east wing of Dr. Phillips Academic Commons on the 1st and 2nd floors. To use these stations, go to and use your NID or Downtown Atlas ID to log in. Costs are $0.08 for black and white and $0.30 for color prints or copies.  Scanning is also available for free at the paid printing stations.


ucf police car


Prioritizing Safety

On all UCF campuses, safety is a priority. Members of the UCF Police Department do everything they can to keep UCF a safe place to live, learn, work and play. UCF Downtown is no exception.

UCF Police have 24/7 uniformed patrols with officers dedicated to the downtown campus and based at a sub-station on Amelia Street.

On-Campus Safety and Security

Over the past four years, UCF has developed a comprehensive safety and security plan in conjunction with Orlando Police Department and Valencia College Security that has included partnership ride-alongs and inclusion in weekly crime meetings to understand trends in the area. To support safety and security efforts, the campus is well lit and will have security cameras and “blue light” emergency phones located throughout the campus. When activated, “blue light” emergency phones connect you directly with a UCF PD dispatcher.

ucf police car

All buildings on-campus have daytime security personnel and after hours, campus buildings utilize secured access entry technology. A valid UCF Card is needed to gain access to certain areas of the buildings. In garages, license plate recognition technology will help verify who is entering the garage and flag any suspicious activity.

UCF Police offer similar services currently available on the main campus, including women’s self-defense classes, property registration and nighttime escorts to your car.

The downtown campus is also part of the UCF Alert emergency system, which provides text messages, emails and other notifications about emergencies and natural or man-made disasters affecting the university.

Be sure to follow @UCF and @UCFPolice on Twitter for notifications.

Meet UCF Downtown’s New Police Commander

James Mangan ’09 leads the team of officers patrolling the downtown campus. Commander Mangan is a nearly 20-year veteran of UCFPD, where he started his career. He has served in many UCFPD units, including the DUI unit, Patrol Division, Regional Campus Division, Criminal Investigations Division and Crime Prevention Unit. Commander Mangan has a passion for sports, running and “The Office.” He and his wife have two children and enjoy spending time at the beach and Disney.


Pedestrian and bus Safety

Distractions like cell phones and headphones can be dangerous for pedestrians and drivers. 

When crossing the street, it’s important to be completely aware of your surroundings. Only cross the street at designated crosswalks after you have pressed the crosswalk signal and you are indicated to go. While Florida law states a vehicle approaching a pedestrian legally crossing the street at an intersection must yield or stop to allow the person walking to cross, it is still important to stop and look before you cross the street.

As a driver, you must be prepared to slow or stop at any time – for emergency vehicles, buses, bicyclists, pedestrians, animals, and other situations. If you are driving and you fail to yield to pedestrians, you may face a minimum citation of $164 and three points on your driver’s license. Or worse, you can severely hurt someone. 

Safe Walking Tips
    • Always be aware of your surroundings
    • Take precautions to protect yourself, such as walking with a purpose and without distractions
    • If something seems suspicious, don’t hesitate to dial 911
    • If you don’t want to walk to your car alone, call (407) 235-3800 to request a safety escort
    • Make sure all lanes are clear before you cross the street and always cross at marked sidewalks
    • Use good judgment when making a crossing that has a pedestrian countdown symbol
    • Before crossing the roadway always remember to look left, right, and back again
    • If a vehicle approaches the crossing make eye contact or use a hand motion to ensure the driver understands your intended movement
Bus Safety

Lymmo buses are constantly moving in and out of the transit center inside the Amelia I and II parking garages. Please use caution when entering or exiting the garages, always use crosswalks and wait for signals when crossing near buses.

While driving on the surrounding streets, keep in mind that Lymmo buses have their own bus lanes and their own signaling system – pay close attention to not only the color of the stoplight, but whether the stoplight indicator is for vehicular traffic or bus. Remember, never walk, bike or drive in bus lanes.


photo of communication and media building lobby

UCF Card

About Your UCF Card

As a 21st-century campus, we have infused technology into our infrastructure to create secured access to campus buildings after hours. Access is managed using the UCF Card, which also serves as your campus photo ID.

All faculty, staff and students need the UCF Card pictured here to access campus buildings and office suites after hours.

If you need access enabled or are experiencing access issues, please use the button below to complete the door access form.

REQUEST CARD ACCESS or report access issues

ucf card image ima knight

Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff can visit the UCF Card Services office, located in the lobby of the Communication and Media Building in downtown or in the John T. Washington Center on main campus to receive a new card at no cost. Please identify yourself as a UCF Downtown faculty or staff member to be issued a new card.


All students need the newest version of the UCF Card, like the one pictured above, to access campus buildings after hours. Current students may now visit the UCF Card Services office located in the lobby of the Communication and Media Building in downtown or in the John T. Washington Center on main campus to upgrade to the new card at no cost. You will be required to turn in your old card at that time. If your UCF Card already looks like the one pictured above, you will NOT be eligible to receive a new card. In order to receive a new card, you must be currently enrolled in classes downtown.

Contact Card Services Downtown
people talking

Career Services

downtown career center

Whether you are a student looking to chart your career path, a new professional looking to nail down your career goals, or a seasoned professional looking to take the next step, we offer unique support and resources you may need. UCF’s Career Services provides students with comprehensive career advising, employability skills, relevant experience, and employer connections.

These integrated programs help students effectively plan and launch their careers by aligning academic studies to employment goals; developing personal, academic and workplace skills; acquiring career-related experience; gaining professional employment; and planning for graduate or professional school.

UCF Career Services contributes to student success through a demonstrated commitment to professional standards, collaborative internal partnerships with UCF faculty and staff, as well as effective external partnerships with community organizations and employers.

Downtown Career Services is located on the second floor of UnionWest at Creative Village. Appointments can be made by logging into Handshake. 

Fall 2020 Career Services In-Person Hours*

Mon and Weds
8 AM – Noon

Fall 2020 Career Services Virtual Hours

Mon – Fri
8 AM – 5 PM

*As of Aug. 24, 2020.

Services provided:

Courtney Pelfrey

Phone: 407-235-3637

Assistant Director Courtney Pelfrey manages the downtown career center. Courtney is responsible for counseling and advising students for career readiness through individual appointments and programming. Courtney also supports employer-recruiting initiatives for UCF Downtown.

For Employers

We appreciate your interest in recruiting our Knights for full-time and part-time professional career opportunities and look forward to assisting you in achieving your recruitment goals.

Not sure how to get started?
Reach out and we are pleased to assist you.

Campus Store

Campus store at UCF Downtown

The campus store at UCF Downtown offers free shipping on textbook orders for the Fall 2020 semester. There is no on-campus pick location downtown. Please use the link below to order textbooks for majors that are based at UCF Downtown.


The campus store, which is operated by Barnes and Noble, will offer course materials, technology, school supplies, school memorabilia and café options with seating once fully opened in 2020.