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Thad Seymour, recently named the new Vice Provost for UCF Downtown, sat down with News 13 this week to talk about the vision and plan for the new campus.

“I think the best plan will be one that really embraces the strengths of what is part of the community already,” he told News 13.  “And how can we uplift that and take advantage of that and be part of making the whole downtown better.”

Realizing the campus’ vision means creating local, national and even international partnerships to become the region’s hub for technology and digital media.

“There’s so much going in terms of the energy and the passion of young innovators who want to live and work in the city center, so I think we really get to take advantage of that,” Seymour continued.

Part of that downtown area, Seymour said, is the historic Parramore neighborhood, which is adjacent to the planned campus and the new Downtown PS8 school.

“We’ll work very hard in partnership with the residents and the leadership of Parramore, as well as the business owners in and around that part of downtown because again, the best thing we do will be the result of those kinds of collaborations,” he said.

You can read the full article and watch an extended version of the interview here.