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Show off your hard-earned degree with photos around UCF Downtown. Pictured: (bottom) Vanessa Alvarez ’21, (top right) Kristina Lawrence ’19 ’21MA and (top right) Marielena Lozada ’21.

By: Jamie Giller

As graduation day approaches, you may already be feeling nostalgic about your time on campus. But don’t worry, you can capture those memories and show off your graduation gown by snapping some pictures on- and off-campus. With picturesque backdrops and iconic landmarks, UCF Downtown offers a number of great locations for unforgettable graduation photos. We’ve curated a list of the best spots to memorialize your academic achievement. Say cheese and let’s explore!

On Campus

Dr. Phillips Academic Commons West Lobby, Donor Wall

Few students make it to graduation without a great support system. Use the iconic phrase, “If you want to go far, go together,” on the donor wall in the DPAC West Lobby as a backdrop to pay homage to those who helped you through long nights and tough semesters. This central hub is a great place for traditional graduation portraits.

Seneff Plaza

Located between the East and West Wings of Dr. Phillips Academic Commons, the Seneff Plaza is where so many campus events and gatherings take place. For UCF Downtown students, the towering columns and reflective glass of Dr. Phillips Academic Commons capture the modern campus where you worked so hard to earn your degree. Whether you’re taking a solo photo or celebrating with friends, the Seneff Plaza is a dynamic backdrop for grads.

Dr. Phillips Academic Commons, 3rd or 4th Floor Bridge

For a contemporary vibe, head to the 3rd or 4th floor bridge of Dr. Phillips Academic Commons. The vibrant energy of the graphics provides a colorful and playful scenery for graduation photos. Strike a pose against the backdrop of historic Orlando buildings, or capture candid moments with UCF Downtown campus phrases.

Corner of W. Livingston St. and N. Terry Ave.

UCF Downtown is located in the heart of downtown Orlando and this busy corner will help show off your urban campus experience. With UnionWest at Creative Village as your background, the beauty of our campus is sure to shine as you enter the frame for your graduation photos.

UnionWest at Creative Village, 3rd Floor Lobby

For another picture-perfect landscape of Orlando’s urban jungle, step inside the 3rd floor lobby at UnionWest at Creative Village. Standing tall against the sky, UnionWest serves up some of the best views of downtown Orlando–day or night. Capture the timeless beauty of the City Beautiful for your graduation photos with its elegant silhouette in the background.

Communications and Media Building Connect Mural

Nicholson Communications and Media students won’t want to miss snapping a photo in their grad gown in front of the glowing ‘Connect’ mural, located in the lobby of the Communications and Media Building. This anamorphic mural by Central Florida artist Naomi Haverland comes alive at the right angle and layers in the numerous ways you “connected” along your academic journey at UCF. Don’t forget to put your hand on the plasma ball to “electrify” those grad pics.


Off Campus

Off Campus photo locations include Lake Eola (left), Luminary Green Park (top, right) and Inter&Co. Stadium (bottom, right). Picture at INTER&Co Stadium courtesy of UCF Alumni and pictures Hector S. Blanco Gavillan ’18 ’22MS.

Luminary Green Park

You barely have to step off-campus to encounter the iconic Orlando sign located at Luminary Green Park. The 2.3-acre park features a large, welcoming lawn that leads up to the oversized “Orlando” letters at the end of the park, creating the ideal environment to mark your time in the City Beautiful. Best of all, your photo will also capture UCF’s Dr. Phillips Academic Commons in the background.

Lake Eola

Amidst the hustle and bustle of downtown Orlando, just 1.5 miles from campus, is tranquil Lake Eola. The iconic water fountain is an official symbol of Orlando, and the swans are not to be missed! Whether you prefer a serene solo shot or a lakeside embrace from loved ones, the beauty of nature provides the perfect backdrop.

INTER&Co Stadium, Home to Orlando City and Orlando Pride Soccer Teams

*This opportunity is by invitation only for UCF Downtown students graduating in the Spring 2024 semester. Students should check their UCF email for registration details. 

Just one half mile from campus on W. Church Street is INTER&Co Stadium, home to Orlando City and Orlando Pride. Downtown students have likely attended a few soccer games here while taking classes at UCF Downtown. So it’s fitting that we’ve arranged for grads to pose inside the stadium*, capturing the iconic “Orlando” letters spelled out in the seats.

As you prepare to embark on the next chapter of your journey, let these stunning locations serve as the backdrop to your cherished memories. Our on-campus and local spots offer a diverse range of photo spots to suit every style and preference. So grab your cap and gown, strike a pose, and capture the magic of graduation!

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