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Trailblazers at UCF downtown The Trailblazers gather at UCF Downtown.

This summer, UCF Downtown established a new team called the “Trailblazers.” Charged with investigating opportunities specific to the programs anticipated to be at the downtown campus in fall 2019, this group is exploring ways to increase each program’s prominence and impact. The team will help us establish a 21st-century campus that attracts the best faculty and staff and recruits engaged students. The Trailblazers are made up of directors, chairs, program coordinators and staff from the programs planning to relocate downtown.

The Trailblazers have already begun addressing technology, communications services, volunteerism, research, facilities, faculty and staff contribution and classroom design. And they are working with the Urban Innovation and New Media Task Force, among other activities.

Meet Your Trailblazers:

Trailblazers will rely on the input, advice and expertise of their colleagues to ensure UCF Downtown is the best campus possible. They are also planning several upcoming meetings, tours and events tied to the downtown project. Please contact members of the Trailblazers team with any suggestions you may have regarding programs anticipated to be at UCF Downtown.