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Today, the Creative Village Development Review Committee approved the UCF parking garage for the downtown campus. The four-story garage has 580 spaces and will cost $13.5 million. It will include license plate recognition technology, security cameras, real-time space counts by floor and electric charging stations. Additionally, the ground floor includes a university store, campus services and storage space for campus supplies.

“Adding a university store and other campus services on the ground floor of the parking garage gives us another opportunity to increase the vibrancy of the campus, creating additional spaces for students to gather, interact and share ideas with one another throughout the campus,” said Mike Kilbride, managing director of UCF Downtown.

Students, faculty and staff at UCF Downtown will have a variety of transportation options getting to and from the campus. Lynx Central Station and SunRail are within a 5-minute walk, and the garage is one of three serving the downtown campus. In addition, UCF will provide direct shuttles going to and from the main campus at regular intervals.

UCF and Valencia College are building a 21st-century campus in downtown Orlando that will bring about 7,700 students to study and work just west of Interstate 4, as the intellectual anchor of Creative Village, the city’s $1 billion private-public partnership.