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FWS Employer Login

NOTE: Due to the eligibility requirements of the Federal Work Study Program our Employer Login features are only accessible through UCF computers (or computers on the UCF network).

Faculty/Staff Login

FWS Employer Procedures

  1. How to Find Students

    Post and edit open positions on JobX.

  2. What to Do Before a FWS Student Begins Working

    • Collect their Award Summary and Class Schedule for your records.
    • Check their eligibility on the Student Eligibility Search located in your Employer Login both before and after the Drop/Swap & Add period.
    • Complete and submit their hiring paperwork (PAF) to Human Resources.
  3. What to Do Each Semester

    • Collect their Award Summary and Class Schedule for your records.
    • Check their eligibility on the Student Eligibility Search located in your Employer Login both before and after the add/drop period.
  4. What to Do Biweekly

    Check the percentage your students have used their FWS award for the current semester. This can be found under the View Payroll Data button on your Employer Login. If the student is not listed, they have not been paid from your FWS funding account.

  5. What to Do Once a FWS Student Stops Working

    Please terminate them promptly. An active employment record can cause problems with their new employment.

Important Dates

Summer 2022 Employment

May 4
Summer Employment Begins

Students must have an accepted FWS award and meet all program requirements in order to be hired and start working.

August 4
Summer Employment Ends

Students must have a Fall 2022 award to continue to work after August 4.

FWS Policies

FWS students are only permitted to have one FWS position at a time. However, they can have additional OPS positions as long as their total standard hours between the two employment records is 29 hours or below.

FWS students may only work up to 20 hours per week while school is in session. However, they can work up to a maximum of 29 hours per week during school breaks or when combined hours per week include hours worked at an OPS position.

Employers are responsible for paying Fringe Benefits for all FWS students. The Fringe Benefits equals 2% of the student’s earnings each pay period. This amount will be charged to the home department indicated on the students’ ePAF.

Students may only receive FWS payment for hours in which they are under direct supervision. FWS students must work under direct supervision. They cannot be paid using FWS funds for hours worked without direct supervision.

Employers are not permitted to make adjustments to FWS funds. Therefore, if you need to have funds transferred in or out of the FWS account, you must contact the FWS Coordinator for approval. If the request is approved, the FWS Coordinator will arrange the transfer.

If you do not currently have an Employer Login, please contact the Federal Work Study Coordinator with your FWS funding account number, OPS liability account number, the department name, names of individuals who need access, their email addresses, and phone numbers. Once your access has been established, you will receive an email containing your username and password.

Letter to Employers

Dear FWS Employers,

Beginning Spring 2020, the Federal Work Study Program will be utilizing a new recruiting system for the FWS students.

The new system is called JobX and is designed specifically for the Federal Work Study Program.

  1. Easy to use!
  2. Workflow is highly efficient and will provide timely job approval
  3. Systematic email alerts for employers and students
  4. Automatic compliance check for eligibility requirements
  5. Search tool for reviewing student eligibility

Utilize your NID/NID password to log in to JobX. All active employers/departments have already been loaded into the system but please let me know if you have issues logging in!

Eventually, we hope to phase out the Employer Login completely. However, for this semester at least, the Employer Login will remain available for employers to search student eligibility and review payroll.

Reminders for the Spring 2021 Semester

The Spring eligibility for students is currently posted in the Employer Login and will be updated daily. If a student is not listed on the eligibility table, please make sure to ask them if they have:

  • completed their financial aid ‘To Do’ list and/or
  • are enrolled in at least half time

If you believe that your student meets all of the Federal Work Study requirements but are not listed as eligible on the Employer Login, please feel free to contact me so that I may review the student’s eligibility.

Please be advised that you must check your students’ eligibility status both before and after the add/drop period. Students must not begin work until after they have been listed as eligible via the Employer Login or by me.

  • If a student works before they are cleared, your office may be charged the earnings the student had incurred while being ineligible.

Remember that a student must stop working immediately once they have reached their work study amount or you must transfer them to a different account once they are close to their award amounts.

  • Make sure to review your student’s awards under Payroll Data in the Employer Login to keep updated on the amount of the work study allotment that the student has available for the Spring semester. This amount is updated each payday.
  • I will send one warning per student once they have reached 60% or more and then will not contact your office again about the student unless they go over their award.
  • Always feel free to contact me regarding a possible award increase.

Finally, I would like to remind you that FWS students are permitted to work up to 20 hours per week while in classes, but can work up to 29 hours per week during school breaks (as long as their award balance allows it).  If students have another position on campus, they cannot work more than 29 hours combined between the student’s FWS position and their OPS position.

Coordinator – Federal Work Study
University of Central Florida
Division of Student Development and Enrollment Services
Office of Student Financial Assistance
Millican Hall – Room 107