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Employment Rights and Responsibilities

  • I must complete hiring paperwork with my employer before I begin working.
  • It is my responsibility to read through the FWS website, especially announcements on the “important dates” page to know when the semester begins and ends.
  • I must adhere to all rules and policies established by my employer, including dress code.
  • My employer and I must mutually determine a work schedule that does not overlap with my class schedule before I begin to work.
  • I must work under direct supervision.
  • I have been advised to work no more than 20 hrs/wk except during school breaks, when I may work up to 29 hrs/wk.
  • I may only have one FWS job at a time. If I have an OPS job while working in the FWS program, I must inform my employer of this and my combined hours may not exceed 29 hr/wk.
  • I must adhere to the work schedule established. If I want time off from my work schedule, I must ask permission from my employer.
  • I must notify my employer as far in advance as possible if I am not able to come to work due to extenuating circumstances.
  • I understand that paychecks are issued on a biweekly basis.
  • I must keep accurate timesheets and submit them in a timely manner; otherwise, I will be paid late.
  • If I falsify any of my timesheets, I will be terminated immediately and have disciplinary actions brought against me by the University of Central Florida.
  • I must keep track of my FWS earnings and keep my employer up to date on a biweekly basis to prevent myself from over-utilizing my award amount. It is up to my employer’s discretion to either transfer me to their funding account or to terminate me once I approach my FWS limit per semester.
  • I have an obligation to perform job duties satisfactorily.
  • I must notify my employer if I receive a new award during or after the semester as this may change my FWS award eligibility
  • My employer has the right to terminate me from the job if he/she determines that any of the above expectations are unsatisfactory.
  • It is up to my employer’s discretion to give me a $0.25 to $0.75 raise per year.
  • I must give a two-week notice for my employer before quitting.
  • If I switch jobs, my new employer has the right to set my pay rate at the previous rate or at the starting salary for the new position (whether it is at a higher or lower rate of pay).

Annual Responsibilities

The FWS award is not automatically guaranteed each aid year. Eligibility is based on the availability of funding and my federal need. Packaging criteria may vary each year. Therefore, I must:

  • File the FAFSA by December 1st of each year to increase my chances of being considered for FWS.
  • Complete my To-Do List
  • Complete Verification (if selected)
  • Be enrolled and have confirmed attendance for at least ½ time in a degree-seeking program at UCF
  • Sign the FWS contract.

Semesterly Responsibilities

  • I must check my To-Do List often throughout the semester to complete any additional documents that may have been added on a periodic basis.
  • I must maintain at least ½ time enrollment in a degree-seeking program at UCF each semester. If I plan to drop or withdraw from my classes, I must notify the SFA office and seek counseling on the possible outcome.
    *The SFA has the right to cancel my FWS award if I do not meet any of the above criteria*.
  • Maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) at the end of each semester, in order to be considered for FWS for the following semester, which is
    • A minimum 2.0 G.P.A.
    • Completing 70% of my attempted hours
    • Completing degree within 150% of the attempted UCF hour limit for my classification
  • I must present to my employer the following before I may start working each semester:
    • Award Summary
    • Class schedule