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Only Federal Loan or Federal Work Study offered awards can be accepted, reduced and/or declined on your myUCF account. Grants and scholarships require no acceptance.

Step-by-Step Guide to Accept, Decline or Reduce Loans

  1. Go to your myUCF portal.
  2. Log in using your assigned NID and password.
  3. Click on Student Self Service.
  4. Go to Finances section, under Financial Aid and click Accept/Decline Awards.
  5. Click on the appropriate financial aid year you wish to view.
  6. Read and follow the instructions carefully to avoid any processing delay.

Only offered loans can be accepted or declined. All other awards will automatically be accepted. Click on either accept or decline boxes for each award. Students must accept the offered subsidized loans before accepting the unsubsidized loans.

Steps to Reduce (Accept Partial) Loans

To accept only a partial amount for each semester:

  1. Click the Accept Box to have access to reduce the loan amount
  2. Delete the amount in the box under the “Accepted Column” and enter the reduced amount you wish to receive.

    NOTE: The minimum amount for acceptance is $200.00. (Reducing the subsidized loan may also cancel out the unsubsidized loan)

  3. Click the submit button.

Steps to Decline an Award

To decline an award:

  1. To decline an award, click the box under the decline option. DO NOT enter a $0 for the accepted amount.
  2. Click Yes on the Submit confirmation screen.
  3. Click OK on the Submit confirmation screen.