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Students may initiate a scholarship petition/appeal form if they have prior knowledge of circumstances that will prohibit them from meeting scholarship renewal requirements. The same form also may be used to appeal the cancellation of a scholarship due to lack of academic progress, including GPA and/or completing the required number of credit hours.

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Scholarship Appeal FAQs

Scholarship appeals should be submitted online through the State Programs and Scholarships Appeal Form. If the online appeal form cannot be completed, paper forms with all supporting documentation can submitted to the University of Central Florida, Office of Student Financial Assistance, 4000 Central Florida Blvd., Millican Hall Room 107, Orlando, Florida, 32816-0113 or faxed to 407-823-5241.

The Office of Student Financial Assistance has a highly trained staff able to answer all financial aid questions including scholarship appeals. You also have the option of scheduling an appointment with a financial aid counselor by calling 407-823-5285. The main customer service phone number is (844) 376-9160 or email

  • You must complete and sign the Scholarship Appeal Form.
  • You must submit a letter describing in detail the circumstances supporting your appeal. Your written statement must include a description of the problem/incident indicating dates and time period involved, as well as the impact on your academic performance.
  • The FAFSA for the academic year you are requesting reinstatement must be on file at the time your appeal is submitted.

The Scholarship Committee chaired by the Executive Director of the Office of Student Financial Assistance. The committee is composed of senior faculty and staff from throughout the university.

You will be notified by email of the committee’s decision within 48 hours.

You must submit your appeal, along with documentation, in sufficient time for the appeal to be reviewed before the next scheduled meeting. Incomplete applications and requests for additional documentation will cause delays. Please plan accordingly in case you experience a delay in your scholarship appeal. You will be responsible for any late charges.

You have the right to resubmit a denied appeal if you have new information with corroborating documentation.

Supporting Documentation includes, but is not limited to, divorce decrees, death certificates, and letters from doctors, counselors, advisors etc. Written statements from a professional should reference your name, diagnosis, dates of treatment and length of time for healing. Include any statements (on company letterhead) from third-party persons (e.g. clergy, employers, medical professionals, etc.) who can verify your extenuating circumstances. Report of incident/s, such as a police report, insurance damage report, and bill/s for services related to emergency, obituary, etc. Please note that failure to corroborate your circumstance may result in your appeal being denied for lack of documentation.

No. If you lose your scholarship it cannot be reinstated even if you bring your GPA up during a subsequent semester. Summer grades and hours earned after the spring evaluation may not be used to meet renewal requirements.

You may file a scholarship appeal which must be received in the Office of Student Financial Assistance no later than June 30th of the year that the cancellation occurred.

No, all attempted coursework for the period under review will be counted when evaluating renewal requirements.

Yes. Renewal requirements for the various scholarship programs will vary. You can review the renewal requirement for the Florida Bright Futures program on the UCF Financial Aid Web site under Bright Futures Renewal Eligibility.

No. AP classes from high school cannot count toward renewal requirements.

No. Grade forgiveness for a class taken after the renewal period is not considered when determining eligibility.

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