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The Charge On! 15 Grant is a renewable, need-based award offered to students who meet specific criteria determined by the Office of Student Financial Assistance.

This award encourages students to enroll in and complete 15 credit hours in the fall and spring terms.

There is no application process. The Office of Student Financial Assistance determines students who may be potentially eligible for this award annually.

Students, who are offered The Charge On! 15 Grant, must be enrolled in a minimum of 15 UCF credit hours at the end of the given term’s drop/swap and add period to receive the award.

The Office of Student Financial Assistance will cancel the Charge On! 15 Grant for students who are initially awarded the Charge On! 15 Grant who do not have a minimum of 15 credit hours of enrollment after drop/swap and add.

Renewal Eligibility

This award is renewable for up to 8 consecutive fall/spring semesters for students who meet the following criteria:

  • Previously received a disbursement of the Charge On! 15 Grant
  • Have a valid Free Application for Federal Student Aid on file annually
  • Demonstrate financial need based on the information provided on the FAFSA (The Office of Student Financial Assistance may establish a maximum Expected Family Contribution annually)
  • Successfully complete 30 hours between the prior fall and spring terms
  • Earn a cumulative GPA of at least 2.5 or higher
  • Meet all other financial aid eligibility requirements to include Satisfactory Academic Progress

Appeal Process

Students not meeting the aforementioned criteria will have one opportunity to submit an appeal for possible reinstatement. An appeal may be filed when a student does not meet the academic renewal requirements (GPA and/or hours) due to illness or emergency beyond the student’s control.

If, during the summer, the student is able to attain the required 2.5 overall cumulative GPA and 30 hours using the summer grades and hours, they may also submit the Charge On 15 Appeal to be reinstated for the upcoming year. Students must submit the appeal once grades for summer are official if appeal is for this reason.

Students wishing to appeal should submit the State Programs and Scholarships Appeal Form.