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The UCF Grant is a financial aid program funded by the University of Central Florida available to undergraduate students who meet all general eligibility requirements, demonstrate substantial financial need and meet the UCF priority application deadline of December 1st.

The UCF Grant is a full-time only award. It will not disburse with less than full-time enrollment. Students who were initially enrolled full-time, but later dropped to half-time, will have their full-time UCF Grant converted to a half-time Knights Aid award.

General Eligibility Requirements

  • Must have a completed FAFSA on file by December 1st
  • Must meet eligibility for federal financial aid
  • Must enroll full-time each semester
  • Be enrolled in your first undergraduate degree program
  • Meet the Standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress
  • Must demonstrate substantial financial need and meet other eligibility criteria as established by the university in the administration of this funding

Before you apply for any type of financial assistance, make sure you meet the general eligibility requirements.

Application Procedures

Students must have the error-free results of the FAFSA on file with UCF by December 1st. Awards are made to students who meet all eligibility requirements. The deadline and other eligibility criteria are based on the available funding and may be revised at any time. In order to receive the UCF Grant, you must meet satisfactory academic progress. The policy can be reviewed on the Satisfactory Academic Progress page.

This is not a renewable award; however, students may be considered each year if eligibility criteria are met and if funding is available. There is no separate application for this award. UCF awards are subject to change if any corrections or changes are made to a student’s financial aid file, including receipt of other aid that decreases or eliminates eligibility for the UCF Grant.

Note: Transient hours are not considered for this institutional grant program. Remedial hours are considered for this institutional grant program.