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The Future of UCF

When I first started at UCF, I believed we had the potential to become one of the nation’s and the world’s leading public metropolitan research universities. After meeting with many students, faculty and staff, it is even more clear that we have the tenacity and, most importantly, the talent to achieve this.

Our people drive our impact and define our university, and our path to excellence will not be defined by what other universities have done. It will be based on our own unique strengths and character and a commitment to academic, operational and inclusive excellence in areas that matter most to our future and are critical to our mission.

Together, we have an opportunity to be that bright spot within higher education — a university built around a commitment to each other and a desire to make our world, and the work we do, continuously better. I look forward to building that with you.

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Leadership and President’s Office

The President’s Office division is made up of bold, energetic and entrepreneurial leaders in policy and planning, strategic communications and marketing, and administrative and fiscal operations who advance UCF’s mission.

A Foundation of Excellence

Since 1968, UCF has grown from a small, technological school to one of the nation’s largest universities, constantly gaining in quality. Our legacy for inclusion and excellence was built by leaders who believed in the power of education to transform lives, communities and our entire state.

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