A great university is built by great faculty, and this year’s group of promoted and tenured faculty are the reason behind UCF’s academic excellence. Thirty-three were granted the title professor, a marker of an exceptional career in academia.

A university’s excellence hinges on the strength of its faculty as scholars and as teachers.

“This class of newly tenured and promoted faculty exemplifies what we hope to see: Dedicated and inspiring teachers who are pushing the frontiers of their disciplines,” Interim Provost Michael Johnson says. “Our investment in their success, their hard work and outstanding ability, and the rigorous process they have undergone to earn this achievement is the best guarantee of UCF’s increasing future prominence as a national research university.”

UCF faculty members hold a variety of titles across campus from associate professor to associate lecturer to librarian. All ranks go through a strenuous multi-level approval process to earn their promotion or tenure. Forty-three faculty were granted tenured, which was confirmed by the Board of Trustees on April 23.


Hadi Abbas, School of Visual Arts and Design
Mindi Anderson, Nursing Practice
Jeffrey Bedwell, Psychology
Vladimir Boginski, Industrial Engineering and Management Systems
Roberto Burguet, Economics
James Campbell, English
Dorin Dutkay, Mathematics
Naveen Eluru, Civil, Environmental, and Construction Engineering
Jason Ford, Sociology
Kevin Haran, School of Visual Arts and Design
Carlton Harrison, DeVos School of Sport Business Management
Christopher Hawkins, School of Public Administration
Qun Huo, Chemistry
Victoria Loerzel, Nursing Practice
Ty Matejowsky, Anthropology
Joanna Mishtal, Anthropology
Enrique Ortiz, School of Teacher Education
Seetha Raghavan, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Alisa Smith, Legal Studies
Patric Spence, Communication
James Szalma, Psychology
Jayan Thomas, Materials Science and Engineering
Kristina Tollefson, Theatre
Natalie Underberg-Goode, Games and Interactive Media
Eleazar Vasquez, School of Teacher Education
Murat  Yuksel, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Shaojie Zhang, Computer Science

Professor of Medicine

Zixi Cheng, Biomedical Sciences
Stephen Lambert, Medical Education
Jeffrey LaRochelle, Medical Education
William Self, Biomedical Sciences
Analia Castiglioni, Internal Medicine
Caridad Hernandez, Internal Medicine

Associate Professor

Kareem Ahmed, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Luca Argenti, Physics
Danielle Atkins, Health Management and Informatics
Matthieu Baudelet, Chemistry
Lisa Baudot, Accounting
Annette Bourgault, Nursing Systems
Candice Bridge, Chemistry
Lisa Chambers, Biology
Reshawna Chapple, School of Social Work
Michael Chini, Physics
Jacquelyn Chini, Physics
Desiree Diaz, Nursing Practice
Matthew Dombrowski, School of Visual Arts and Design
Yajie Dong, Materials Science and Engineering
Yaser Pourmohammadi Fallah, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Luis Fred, Music
Xiaoxiao Fu, Tourism, Events and Attractions
Andrea Gelfuso, School of Teacher Education
Kimberley Gryglewicz, School of Social Work
Ramon Hinojosa, Sociology
Hsin-Hsiung Huang, Statistics and Data Science
Jihyun Kim, Communication
Elizabeth Kritzer, Film and Mass Media
Yan Lu, Finance
Arkadiy Lyakh, Physics
Abhijit Mahalanobis, Computer Science
Madhab Neupane, Physics
Jeong-Yeol Park, Hospitality Services
Jennifer Peck, Criminal Justice
Timothy Ravich, Legal Studies
James Ray, Criminal Justice
Michael Rovito, Health Sciences
Yael Rugar, Marketing
Anna Savage, Biology
Arvind Singh, Civil, Environmental, and Construction Engineering
Peter Smith, Games and Interactive Media
Wei Sun, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Tang Wang, Management
Keri Watson, School of Visual Arts and Design
Wei Wei, Hospitality Services
Tracy Wharton, School of Social Work
Pamela Wisniewski, Computer Science
Teng Zhang, Mathematics

Associate Professor of Medicine

Bernard Gros, Internal Medicine
Christine Kauffman, Medical Education

Research Associate Professor

Glenn Martin, School of Modeling, Simulation, and Training

Senior Instructor

Richard Brunson, Nicholson School of Communication and Media
Farida  Cato, English
Amy Darty, History
Joseph DiNapoli, School of Communication Sciences and Disorders
Barbara Durham, Accounting
Barry Griffiths, Mathematics
Robin Kohn, School of Social Work
Maria Montalvo, Modern Languages and Literatures
Gary Nichols, Management
Julie Pomerleau, Modern Languages and Literatures
Maria Spina, Modern Languages and Literatures
Robert Thornton, Music

Senior Lecturer

Alma Alarcon, Modern Languages and Literatures
Laura Albers-Biddle, School of Teacher Education
Sabatino Dibernardo, Philosophy
Archana Dubey, Physics
Roberta Ergle, School of Teacher Education
Gillian Eriksson, Learning Science and Education Research
Elena Flitsiyan, Physics
Christine Hanlon, Nicholson School of Communication and Media
Erica Hoyt, Nursing Practice
Alisha Janowsky, Psychology
Kelly Jennings-Towle, School of Teacher Education
Holly McDonald, Theatre
Abby Milon, Legal Studies
Euripides Montagne, Computer Science
Leandra Preston-Sidler, Women’s Studies
Steven Spencer, School of Visual Arts and Design
Nora Underwood-Caputo, Economics
Shannon Whitten, Psychology
Mark Winton, Criminal Justice

Associate Instructor

Rachid Ait Maalem Lahcen, Mathematics
Rita De Luca Guerriero, Modern Languages and Literatures
Alicia Duffy, History
Todd Fix, School of Communication Sciences and Disorders
Frank Enrique Guerra, Accounting
Peggy Hill, Nursing Practice
Gary LaPage, Nicholson School of Communication and Media
Julie Matura, School of Communication Sciences and Disorders
Jessica Richards, Tourism, Events and Attraction
Meredith Robertson, Health Management and Informatics
Kurt Stresau, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Steven Ton, Health Management and Informatics

Associate Lecturer

Richard Biehl, Industrial Engineering and Management Systems
Thomas Brueckner, Physics
Jonathan Decker, Nursing Practice
Barry Edwards, School of Politics, Security and International Affairs
Marcy  Galbreath, Writing and Rhetoric
Elizabeth Giltner, Modern Languages and Literatures
Donita Grissom, School of Teacher Education
Fayeza Hasanat, English
David Head, History
Deborah Leitch, School of Visual Arts and Design
Marino Nader, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Amanda Snyder, History
Daniel  Stephens, School of Public Administration
Sona Swanson, Mathematics
Sean Szumlanski, Computer Science
Shane Trenta, School of Teacher Education
Jeanine Viau, Philosophy
Cynthia White, Theatre
Widaad Zaman, Psychology


Athena Hoeppner, UCF Library
Kristine Shrauger, UCF Library

Associate Librarian

Peggy Nuhn, UCF Library

Medical Assistant Librarian

Natasha Williams, Medical Education

Senior Instructional Designer

Wendy Howard, Center for Distributed Learning
Rohan Jowallah, Center for Distributed Learning
Nancy Swenson, Center for Distributed Learning
Francisca Yonekura, Center for Distributed Learning

Associate Instructional Designer

Nancy  Calandrino, Center for Distributed Learning
Amanda Major, Center for Distributed Learning
Ashley Salter, Center for Distributed Learning