Career Services’ staff members Bill Blank and Russ Muller were awarded a $46,000 Technology Fee Project Grant by the Technology Fee Committee through UCF Information Technologies & Resources. The spring 2011 technology fees collected from students made this grant possible.

The grant enabled Career Services to purchase 48 netbooks along with two mobile charging carts. With the use of this technology, Career Services has been able to offer interactive learning opportunities for students through in-house workshops, outreach programs and class presentations.

Career Services annually provides information and assistance to nearly 20,000 students. In the past, much of the career education was offered through lecture formats and facilitator demonstrations. With the purchase of the netbooks, staff can now move beyond static presentations to more interactive hands-on learning approaches which more effectively engage students in the learning process.

Students are now able to complete online career assessments and conduct career related research as staff guide them through the process of career exploration and decision-making. Additionally, students can use the interactive resume writing software and practice interview software to more effectively prepare for the job search.

Career Services is an office in the Division of Student Development and Enrollment Services.