The UCF Police Department recently added a new car to its fleet that honors the lives taken during the Pulse nightclub tragedy.

The Dodge Charger features the word “POLICE” in Pride colors rather than the typical black as a symbol of support for the LGBTQ+ community. The vehicle number is “9049”, with the “49” also in rainbow colors.

“This has been a tragic couple of weeks, not only here in Central Florida but across this country.  If there’s ever a time that as Americans we figure out that we have to respect each other and care about each other, it’s today,” said UCF Police Chief Richard Beary at the car’s unveiling last week.

In addition, all cars in UCFPD’s fleet will sport a new sticker with a rainbow 49 and #OrlandoStrong.

“We can never forget that 49 people died in Orlando. I for one will never forget that. We can never forget each and every one of those victims. And if we stay focused on that, we do the right thing” Beary said.

Click here to watch a video about the new car.