The University of Central Florida is finalizing its Master Plan for 2010-2020. There have been a series of meetings, including two meetings open to the public for comment. There are 11 review agencies, external to UCF, that review this Master Plan. Notable among these agencies are Orange and Seminole counties, the cities of Orlando and Oviedo, and local land use and utility functions.

UCF revises its Master Plan every 5 years to cover the next 10 years. There are 17 elements to the Master Plan from the Academic Mission to Utilities to Housing to Conservation, along with many others. Of particular note to the University Estates Home Owners Association is the element known as Recreation and Open Space. This element affects the portion of UCF closest to our HOA. The goal of this element is to provide a variety of safe, efficient, and enjoyable on-campus recreation and intercollegiate athletic facilities, physical education laboratories, and open space areas which promote the health, welfare, and campus aesthetic ambience for the students, faculty, and staff.

Under this goal are several objectives and specific policies that UCF plans to implement over the course of the 10-year Master Plan. Specifically, there are three policies that affect the northeast corner of UCF – the area nearest to our HOA. A summary of these specific policies is:

  • Policy 1.2.6: An academic support facility will be located in the northeast corner of the campus. This building will serve all student-athletes participating intercollegiate activities.
  • Policy 1.2.8: An intercollegiate tennis center will be built on the north end of the campus.
  • Policy 1.2.9: Additional intercollegiate athletics facilities include a phased expansion of the baseball stadium, a clubhouse to serve UCF’s soccer and track programs, and additional dedicated field space for baseball, softball, and soccer. There is a plan to expand Brighthouse Networks Stadium.
  • The financial spreadsheet associated with the UCF Master Plan indicates that $50 million is required to fulfill these and other less specific policies for the northeast corner of UCF. The spreadsheet indicates that funding is planned for 2010-2011. However, HOA discussions with UCF planners indicate that the timing is open-ended because the projects are dependent on funding and there are no immediate plans to begin these projects. Hence, these projects serve merely as a placeholder in the UCF Master Plan.

    This is the seventh in a series of short articles for the University Estates Home Owners Association, written by Dean Haylett. In these articles, we will provide information to our residents of local activities of potential interest. We will begin with information about the University of Central Florida. We are working with the UCF administration to provide information on education, entertainment, sports, and other community activities.