The event will take place at UCF’s Center For Emerging Media located at 500 West Livingston Street, downtown across from the Amway Arena. The program will begin at 11:00am and run to 4:00pm.

Members of all generations are encouraged to attend and bring their home movie reels, or simply an interest in the historic, often funny, and exciting world of amateur filmmaking. A workshop will be held to educate those interested in learning how to restore and preserve these precious glimpses back in time. Re-discover cherished memories, or gain a new perspective on an older generation. What did people wear? What did they drive? How did the live? Refreshments will be served and movies will be screened at the owner’s request. Home Movie Day is a great way to share memories and moments of the past with the community in order to help preserve these historic films.

Stephen Schlow, Interim Chair of the UCF Film department, describes the arrival of Home Movie Day to Orlando as “A truly significant event, and not for just those interested in film but for the community as a whole. Preserving and cataloging these precious pieces of history is a major step in achieving a local archive of not just living images from the past but significant historic events caught on tape.”

Rose Beiler, chair of the UCF History department commented on the upcoming event: “This celebration offers many incentives to those who attend, not only will people learn how to treat and store their film reels, but also learn how to have them transferred to DVD or a media format they can easily share with others. Home Movie Day is a long and widespread tradition which has always carried a special charm. This event has a special way of bringing people together.”

On Saturday, October 17, 2009, the Seventh International Home Movie Day will be observed in over fifty cities worldwide. The UCF Film, History, and Library departments in partnership with The Cultural Heritage Alliance are proud to bring this tradition to Orlando. The Center for Home Movies initiated Home Movie Day as a means of highlighting both the cultural significance of home movies and the need to properly preserve these important artifacts.

For more information, contact Tom Hurter, 407-913-5398,