One of my favorite people in the world is Dr. Subodh Das. I first got to know Subodh when I was at the University of Kentucky. We were co-authors on a Sloan Foundation grant that led to the establishment of the Center for a Sustainable Aluminum Industry. We have been friends ever since.

What makes Subodh so endearing is his welcome. Arriving at his place is a celebration. He greets you like a long lost friend. He does not wait for you to enter his place; he rushes out to greet you, looks you right in the eye, extends his hand, slaps you on the back and smiles from ear to ear. He shows you to his office, sits you down, gives you his undivided attention and sends you on your way believing you were the most important person in his world today. Nobody ever, ever leaves a meeting with Dr. Das feeling like you got his “B” game. He doesn’t have one. It is invigorating. You can’t wait to come back to see him.

On Friday, August 23, the college will be hosting its first “Welcome to the Major” Event. Getting into the College of Business Administration is an important milestone in our students’ lives. It should be celebrated. It is also an opportunity for us to begin a dialogue with our students about how they can meet our expectations and achieve their aspirations. An engaging place doesn’t wait for you to find it. It grabs you and demands your attention. It tells you that you are important and that conversation is vital. I want our Welcome to the Major Event to be like an encounter with Subodh.

Over 1000 new College of Business Administration students have been invited to join us for a morning of activities that will include conversations with our college ambassadors, department chairs, and select faculty. Our student organizations and select employer partners have also been invited to network with our incoming students and talk to them about how to differentiate themselves while at the college. Thanks to our friends at Wells Fargo, attendees will also get lunch.

We look forward to seeing all our new students there. Welcome!

  • New students can register by clicking here
  • Student organizations can register by clicking here
  • Paul Jarley, Ph.D., is the dean of the UCF College of Business Administration. He blogs every week at This post appeared on August 5, 2013. Follow him on Twitter @pauljarley