Are there some discarded pallets or other debris behind your campus building? A broken bookshelf in your office? Some surplus equipment down the hallway?

Every place needs to be tidied up from time to time, and now is the opportunity for everyone at UCF to help make a clean sweep of the campus.

UCF Facilities & Safety cleans and maintains the university on a daily basis, but the cleanup Aug. 5-25 will offer additional pickups and services for recycling, surplus, trash, landscape debris and other items cluttering up the campus.

“The UCF community takes great pride in the physical appearance of the campus,” said Linda Wood, coordinator of administrative services in Facilities & Safety. “The buildings, green space, artwork, and walkways are all a showcase for our students and impact both their physical space and a positive frame of mind.”

Trash will not have a special pickup because it is a regularly scheduled maintenance item and occurs on a frequent basis already, but different procedures will be used for what and where other items will be picked up:


Special recycling pickups can be scheduled Aug. 15-18. Recycling typically includes wood, paper, cardboard, plastics, aluminum cans, pallets and scrap metal. You can request additional containers and schedule a pickup of larger items or larger quantity of items through a request form or you can call the Facilities & Safety work control center at 407-823-5223.

Surplus Property

Surplus property typically includes UCF items that the original department no longer has a use for, including furniture and technology items. In order to surplus an item, the property custodian in your area must enter it in the surplus property database program by listing it.

Items in the database can be acquired by other UCF departments within 10 business days, after which time Facilities & Safety will pick up the items for disposal or auction through GovDeals at

If you have any questions about surplus items, send mail to

Labs, Safety-Concern Items and Hazardous Waste

If you have any research-lab items, concerns over environmental health or safety items, or hazardous waste that needs to be disposed of, complete a request form or call Facilities & Safety. Specify location and date needed.

UCF Parking 

If you notice any debris, trash, or items of concern in a surface lot or parking garage, notify at Parking Services or 407-823-6767 with the location and a detailed description.

“Maintaining the UCF campus should be the goal of everyone – picking up a piece of paper, tossing trash into designated trash or recycling receptacles,” Wood said. “If we are each vigilant in our daily care of our campus, we would all have a healthier, cleaner, safer environment.”

For any other items or to ask questions, contact Wood at