In celebration of Women’s History month, the Women UKnighted committee of Career Services invited Central Florida women professionals to UCF’s Meet Your Mentor for a night of speed-networking and impactful conversation. Meet Your Mentor offered students and alumni the chance to learn from and form a connection with seasoned women in the workforce. Eleven ‘Mentors’ conducted roundtable discussions about their individual journeys and how they achieved success. Mentees had the chance to speak with multiple mentors throughout the evening.

Leah Goldson, Alumni Career Services coordinator, spoke about her experience as one of the event’s organizer. “I am absolutely blown away by the reaction to Women UKnighted’s First Annual Meet Your Mentor event. It seems our students and alumni are looking for a forum to interact with professionals and share struggles and successes without the pressure of having the perfect resume or the most well-rehearsed elevator pitch and I am exuberant Meet Your Mentor provided this opportunity for our most important stakeholders, students and alumni. Hopefully this is a trend in career services-related events to come.”

“It was such a great pleasure to simply sit down and share with such an important population of our society, the thinkers, the dreamers, the change makers, I loved every minute of it,” said Marly Guzman, business analyst, CNL Financial Group.  Guzman was one of the mentors that saw this event as an opportunity for her as well as the mentees. “It was a very powerful event and I hope it continues to grow and becomes a UCF tradition for years to come. I got as much or more out of it than the students themselves.”

Over 160 students and alumni attended the event to seek a larger professional network. For more information, visit or call 407.823.2361.