The Indian and Chinese markets were the focus of discussion at the Central Florida Global Economic Forum 2010 Tuesday in the University of Central Florida’s Student Union. Global business experts Alexandra Harney and Anupam Srivastava summarized the history and future of the Chinese and Indian economies, as well as cooperation between both countries and the United States, to an audience of about 150.

The forum began with the China discussion, led by Alexandra Harney, an Asia management consultant, scholar and author of “The China Price: The True Cost of Chinese Competitive Advantage.” In her presentation, Harney argued that China is often wrongfully blamed for the current global financial crisis. She believes that the system is much more chaotic and that solutions do not lie within the removal of outsourcing or the appreciation of the Chinese currency.

Harney stressed that China has turned the “great recession into a great opportunity.” China is continually trying to innovate, manufacture and export goods in order to climb the value chain, but Harney said it lacks the necessary experts to fully realize that goal. Further, Harney believes that experts from countries such as the United States could fill voids in the areas of branding, product design and human resource management in China.

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