UCF presented the 2nd annual Civitas Week in November with nearly 200 people in attendance. The events promoted peace, cooperation and civility in the lives of each participating individual and also throughout the campus community. Civitas Week offered a variety of lectures, activities and programs covering topics such as “Culture and Conflict,” “Violence in Intimate Relationships,” and “Civil Communities through Spiritual Dialogue.” The spectrum of themes included classroom, bullying, community, interpersonal relationships, workplace and mediation training.

For anyone who was unable to attend a Civitas event, you can play an online decision-making game and negotiate how you would respond when faced with an ethical dilemma. This online experience is an engaging way to challenge your ethical decision-making skills. Bentham City was created by UCF faculty and students. To play the Bentham City ethics game, visit:  https://sulley.cah.ucf.edu/.

The Civitas team continues to provide social norming campaigns throughout the year with contests, research and programming events. Their next project will provide students with both netiquette and video resources concerning the “do’s and don’ts” of classroom civility. These resources are being developed by students in instructor Mary Gomrad’s Documentation & the Client Based Collaborative Process class.

Dispute Resolution Services is an office in the Division of Student Development and Enrollment Services. For more information, visit: https://www.sdes.ucf.edu/departments/ or contact Patty Farris at: spfarris@mail.ucf.edu.