There is a new face for the college and its departments, and it consists of 17 business students. The 2013 Student Ambassadors were announced earlier this month, making them the inaugural class for the College of Business Administration. The students recognized this year range from freshmen to graduates, and as ambassadors, they were chosen due to their demonstration of ambition, academic excellence, reliability, enthusiasm and dedication.

“I applied to the CBA Ambassador Program on the basis of professional development and the desire to embrace and empower others’ ideas to improve our campus” said freshman and Student Ambassador Amy Bonilla. “As the first members, we are fundamentally ‘creating’ the program, so just knowing that I am bringing innovation and diversity to the college’s founding principles gives me much satisfaction. We are the future leaders and we will create other leaders through this innovative approach to brotherhood.”

As members of the Ambassador Program, they are responsible for giving campus tours for dignitaries and distinguished guests, outreach to potential and current College of Business Administration students, and promoting the achievements of the college. Additionally, they are also in charge of assisting the Office of the Dean and offering more quality events for alumni, friends, faculty and staff while gaining network opportunities.

The 17 ambassadors for the 2013 year are:

  • Leif Bang (Accounting—Senior)
  • Tyler Bartels (Economics—Junior)
  • Kenny Betancourt (Marketing – Professional Selling Program—Senior)
  • Amy Bonilla Torres (Accounting—Freshman)
  • Amanda Brown (Accounting-Pending—Sophomore)
  • Casey Field (Business Management and Psychology—Freshman)
  • Christopher Garcia (Finance, MBA—Graduate)
  • Kristine Garcia-Cartaya (Finance and Accounting—Junior)
  • Alex Ham (Marketing—Junior)
  • Lauren Heben (Accounting—Junior)
  • Lauren Jenkins (Marketing—Senior)
  • Justin LaMotte (Business Finance—Junior)
  • Lauren LaVan (Finance—Senior)
  • Abe Melloh (Economics and Political Science—Senior)
  • Gabriella Perez (General Business Administration—Junior)
  • Ximena Ponce De Leon (Marketing with a concentration in Sales and Finance—Senior)
  • Blake Roth (Accounting and Marketing-Professional Selling Program—Senior)