Dr. German announced the “One K Per Day” program as a way to keep the team fit and to honor the new College of Medicine’s home as a “life giving” building. “We want this building to be a place where we take care of our patients, take care of our students and take care of each other,” Dr. German said.

Walking the concourse on each floor – going from level 1 to 4 and back down to 1 and taking the stairs between floors — results in a 1K excursion that takes less than 15 minutes. The Dean handed out “One K Per Day” forms for College of Medicine team members to keep track of their walks. She also encouraged faculty members, staff members and administrators to hold “walking meetings” whenever appropriate so that discussions could included exercise. (Stay tuned for future announcements about walking clubs and awards for walking accomplishments.)

The College of Medicine inaugural breakfast at the first-floor café location featured muffins, bagels, biscotti, rolls, granola, yogurt, juice and fresh fruit. Lake Nona’s Dunkin’ Donuts donated the much-appreciated coffee.

“It was wonderful to take a moment to gather everyone together and reflect on the milestone of moving into our new location,” said Assistant Director of Development Lorraine Scholler, who organized the event. “I’m so pleased we were able to do this.”