On May 17, the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities hosted its first-ever “Case Management Drive-In Conference” for case managers and those who work with ‘students of concern.’ Eleven Florida institutions participated in the day-long conference.

Participants included Dean of Students, Counseling Center directors, case managers, and staff who support students of concern or students in distress as part of their primary job responsibilities.

Keynote speaker Peggy Symons, UCF alum and member of the National Alliance on Mental Illness in Orlando, shared her personal struggles and mental health journey.

Conference attendees also heard from Associate Vice President Patti MacKown, UCF Student Development and Enrollment Services, on the future of case management and she reviewed case studies from a variety of institutions.

Karen Hofmann, SDES Counseling and Psychological Services, reflected, “The UCF drive-in conference was an informative meeting that allowed us to understand the challenges we are all facing on a college campuses and to share best practices with our neighboring universities on how to best meet the demand to serve our high risk or at-risk students.”